Tower of Fantasy: Wanderer Creation Limit Reached Error Message & How to Fix

Tower of Fantasy has landed on millions of mobile devices and computers all around the world, and has done so for the most part without issue.

The open world RPG from Hotta Studio is a refreshing take on the Gacha Games, whose popularity has risen with flagbearers like Genshin Impact at the helm.

But while things have gone very well so far, recently, players have run into a new Tower of Fantasy error message, which states "wanderer creation limited reached", denying access to the game.

Here's what the Tower of Fantasy "wanderer creation limited reached" error message means and how to fix it.

Tower of Fantasy: Wanderer Creation Limit Reached Error

What does the "wanderer creation limited reached" error message mean? Well, first of all, unfortunately, this is not a bug.

Players received this message because they are trying to access a server that is too busy to allow new players.

For those unfamiliar with the mechanics of Tower of Fantasy. The Game is a multiplayer open-world game, which means we can see other players wandering around and interact with them.

Therefore players are separated into different servers in each region. So if you plan to play with friends, make sure you do it on a server that is not busy.

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How to fix the Wanderer Creation Limit error

The solution is simple, but perhaps a little disappointing for those players looking to join their friends on specific servers.

For the moment, the only solution to this Tower of Fantasy error is to join the game on a server that is less busy, or wait for the current server to clear up.

Tower of Fantasy Servers
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Tower of Fantasy have a Light system to indicate which server is available

Wanderers can identify the ideal server by the lights next to the server's name.

  • Green: It means this server has few people and can fit a considerable number of new players.
  • Yellow: The server is reaching the limit. So, it can't receive a large number of players.
  • Red: In this case, the server is already full. New players will encounter the Wanderer Creation Limit in these cases.

With a significant number of new players facing this issue, Hotta Studio can try to increase the capacity of the current servers. In the meantime, start your adventure in one that is not too busy.

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