Tower of Fantasy: SSR Reroll Guide - How to get your favorite characters from the start

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Tower of Fantasy is a game that stands apart from others in the genre by implementing a gacha system focused on weapons.

These weapons are divided into three categories R, SR, and SSR, and the last two categories come with a new character or skin called a Simulacrum.

Usually, games give away a lot of freebies at launch. In the case of Tower of Fantasy, players can summon an SSR Weapon from day one for free thanks to the amount of pre-registration from the community.

But while this free SSR is random, as it's obtained by the gacha system, there is a way to secure your favorite weapon/character from this process.

How to Reroll SSR in Tower of Fantasy

In case you didn't get lucky in obtaining the SSR you wanted, then you have the option to Reroll.

Rerolls in a nutshell involves restarting the game by creating new accounts until you get one with the character and weapon you like.

In Tower of Fantasy this process takes around 20 mins using the following steps:

  • Create alternative email accounts, you need to have access to the account as a code will be sent to your inbox.
    • Players can also link to their social media accounts to reroll but this process is more complicated.
  • Create an account, choose a server, and the game will run a tutorial.
    • Select a name. Make sure you're using a placeholder, otherwise, you will lose that nickname in the case of not getting your SSR.You can change the name later.
  • From the prologue, you can pass without killing the third wave of enemies.
  • After, you have to follow the Quest Guide, and help Shiri to complete some routine tasks.
  • At a certain point, Shiri will give you a jetpack to move to the Tower of Astra Omnium Tower.
  • There are some items on the way, but you can walk directly to the tower, use the elevator and talk to the robot to unlock the Ecological Station Intruders Quest.

Unlocking the Gacha System in Tower of Fantasy

  • After defeating the enemies, in the Ecological Station, the Special Orders Menu will unlock along with the Launch Rewards and Other Mission bonus.
  • You will need 30 Gold Nucleus to get your first SSR in the Choice Weapons Banner in the Special Order Section.
Surprise waiting for players in the Social Networking Section in Tower of Fantasy
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There is a big Surprise waiting for players in the Social Networking Section in Tower of Fantasy
  • In order to get the 30 Gold Nucleus, you need to check your Social Networking Section and claim the 10 Free Nucleus Tower of Fantasy is giving away.

Pulling your first SSR

Tower of Fantasy has a special pity system for beginners. An SSR weapon is guaranteed after 30 Golden Nucleus in the Weapon of Choice Banner (permanent Banner).

Additionally, players can obtain at least one SR Weapon guaranteed every ten pulls.

First SSR in Tower of Fantasy
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Get you first SSR in Tower of Fantasy in the Weapon Choice Banner in Special Orders

What you have to do now is pull with all the Gold Nucleus. By the third time you make ten pulls, a golden image of a character will appear, and you will get your first SSR.

Best SSR Reroll

If you don't know which SSR weapon to choose, these are the best ones from the current pool of characters in the global version:

  • Tank
    • Meryl
    • Huma
  • Support
    • Cocoritter
    • Zero
  • DPS
    • King
    • Samir
    • Tsubasa

If you didn't get the SSR you were looking for, now you have to go to the settings section and click the Switch Account button to log out.

Log in with a new email account and repeat the steps in this guide until you get the SSR weapon you want.

If you have already created your Character, don't worry, the presets are saved even when you are using a new account. You can find them in the lobby.


Don't worry if you don't get the SSR you want after several rerolls. Later in the game, players will receive a Selector Box, in which they can choose the SSR of their selection for free.

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