Tower of Fantasy Guide: How to Create a Character Before Launch

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Tower of Fantasy is arriving in every corner of the world very soon. For those interested in accelerating things, Hotta Studio has given players the option to start preloading the game early.

In addition, for those downloading the game ahead of the official launch, they will also have the opportunity to experiment with settings, but even better, to start creating their character!

While we wait for the Tower of Fantasy release time, we have prepared a guide on how to create your own character well before launch.

Tower of Fantasy Release Time & Date

Before we start with our guide, some important information. Tower of Fantasy's global launch will be on Thursday, August 11, 2022, at 4am EST.

How to Create a Character in Tower of Fantasy

To start creating your character, players need to preload the game first. Fortunately, this option is available now in most areas.

The pre-download is available on the official Tower of Fantasy website, the iOS App Store, and the Android Play Store.

Tower of Fantasy is unavailable on Steam and the Epic Games Store for the time being.

Tower of Fantasy has a lot of options to customize your character, but the game makes sure to help with the process by offering some solid presets.

Players can also save several presets from their creations and even share these with other members of the community.

Presets in Tower of Fantasy
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Tower of Fantasy are quite diverse, hit the Popular button to see other players creations.
  • The first step is choosing a preset and the gender of your character.
  • Body
    • The next step is designing the body. There are three categories, outfit, extra accessories, and skin color.
  • Hair
  • Tower of Fantasy has a lot of options to create your hairstyle, with options to even change the shadows and specific parts of the hair, as well as hair accessories.
Tower of Fantasy Custom creation
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Print Screen that show all the options available to create a character in Tower of Fantasy
  • Face
    • There are 6 presets with different types of faces, and they can be found separated with roman numerals.
    • These are the subcategories in the face category:
      • Face Type
      • Eyes
      • Nose
      • Mouth
      • Face Markings

Now you are ready to save your character in your presets. Players will be able to go back to their designs and modify them later.

There are a lot of sharing options, making character creation in Tower of Fantasy something that will keep the community engaged for some time.

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