Is Tower of Fantasy coming to Xbox?

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Tower of Fantasy has become a worldwide sensation pretty successfully, with more than 40 million players in the first week. This new open world RPG is available on mobile and PC, but those may not be the only platforms in its future.

With other genre pillars like Gneshin Impact being available on consoles, Tower of Fantasy fans are naturally wondering if the game will eventually make the leap as well.

With that, we have one question - is Tower of Fantasy coming to Xbox?

Tower of Fantasy may have console play in its future

The open-world RPG landscape has made its way to consoles in force in the last few years. PlayStation has an exclusive deal with Genshin Impact, the most popular game in the genre, and Nintendo Switch has one with Zelda, Breath of the Wild.

Naturally, Xbox players feel that they have been on the sidelines for these types of games as a result. And with Tower of Fantasy comes the opportunity to right things.

Tower of Fantasy Characters
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Tower of Fantasy Character Design is Outstanding.

So, perhaps it is the perfect opportunity for Hotta Studio, to collaborate with Microsoft and bring Tower of Fantasy to the Console market

Is Tower of Fantasy coming to Xbox?

Unfortunately, by the time this piece is being written, there is no official information about Tower of Fantasy coming to the Xbox. In fact, at the moment, the game is struggling on both the Steam and Epic Game Stores.

Steam page of Tower of Fantasy
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Players were waiting to play Tower of Fantasy in Steam and Epic Games Store

During the pre-registration period, it was announced ToF will be available in their libraries. Now nearly two weeks into the game's launch, however, the Steam and Epic Games Store pages have barely changed.

Tower of Fantasy Platforms Available Now

For the moment, players interested in joining ToF have the option of playing on their mobile devices, including iPhones and Androids, and you can check the system requirements for it here.


Players can also play Tower of Fantasy on PC by downloading it from the game's website directly.

Tower of Fantasy even has cross-platform progress, so you can play on different platforms and save all of your progress and purchases.

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