Tower of Fantasy 2.3 Countdown - Wandering Amidst Miasma, Release Date & Latest News

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Hotta Studio World Open RPG Tower of Fantasy is reaching six months after the release of the Global Version, and the developers prepared a significant update to celebrate.

Tower of Fantasy 2.3, the next patch, is around the corner, so we bring you all the information about the content in this version and the Half-Anniversary.

Tower of Fantasy 2.3 Release Date

The Tower of Fantasy 2.3 version: Wandering Amidst Miasma will go live on February 2, 2023. The patch will include the new area, Miasmic Swamp, a new Simulacrum, and fresh storylines, instances, and modes.

Alyss the new limited Weapon/Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy 2.3
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Alyss the new limited Weapon/Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy 2.3

What is new in Tower of Fantasy 2.3

The upcoming update will be a big one. The game will unlock a new area that will change the scenery completely, we will also get a new weapon, and Hotta Studio has decided to celebrate the Tower of Fantasy Half-Year of the Global version.

Miasmic Swamp area becomes available.

The game will transition from the desertic areas to a region with rich vegetation called the Miasmic Swamp. The map will be filled with rock pillars and rainforests in this new Vera ecosystem.

The mysterious swamp is covered by heavy mist produced by the Titan Konjac, releasing poison gas to prevent wanderers from entering the region.

New Mission in tower of fantasy 2.3
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Our mission is to clear the Mist by defeating the creature inside the Brood

We will find Puzzles, Interactive Colorful Mushrooms, and a temporary Purification System capable of dissipating the poison inside the swamps. Our mission is to obtain the Revelation Seed to clear the mist.

New Story Chapter

But the mist is not the only thing we will find in the swamp. A new story mission will be unlocked in which we will reveal the secrets of the Miasma Region.

New Simulacrum: Alyss

The limited frost weapon, Unyielding Wing and Alyss Matrix is arriving soon.

Alyss was the light in Mirroria until she released herself from a nightmare. After waking up, she becomes young and immature again.

For more details about Alyss and the weapon abilities, check the video below:

The upcoming update will include Alyss' Simulacrum Mission. Check on the Simulacra Page to access and experience Alyss's story.

Tower of Fantasy 2.3 Events

  • Fruit Barrage
    • Wanderers will enter a competition of the last man standing by dodging fruits to avoid being thrown from a wooden bridge.
    • The travel speed of the fruits becomes faster and faster, and the Wanderer who survives the longest time will be the winner.
  • Heavy Punch
    • A Heavyweight Boxing Challenge consists of joining a faction (Hider or Controller) in a game similar to dodgeball.
    • Controllers will try to hit their opponents, while the hiders need to keep moving around to avoid being hit.
Tower of Fantasy Event 4vs4
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Frost & Flame is the new Combat Challenge in Tower of Fantasy 2.3
  • Frost and Flame
    • Frost and Flame is a multi-player battle in which two teams compete to battle mobs of enemies to defend a core crystal.
    • Players will be divided into teams called Flame And Frost. Each squad has a Core Crystal to protect.
    • Wanderers can obtain buffs by defeating enemies, but make sure you pick up the one that fits the stat of your team.
    • You can ask for help from your teammates if you get knocked down.
  • Passion for Chocolate
    • Collect ingredients and make chocolates as gifts for characters to obtain ardor.
    • Accumulate ardor to claim red nuclei, gold nuclei, titles, avatar frames, and other rewards.
    • Each character has a different preference; make sure you pick their favorite chocolate.

New Instance in Tower of Fantasy 2.3

  • New Team Instance: Origin of War
    • Origin of War is a new tower mode that requires a team of 4.\
    • There is a total of 25 levels, each with its stage affix.
    • Wanderers need to depend on each other's wisdom and strength to challenge the enemies on each level.
    • After clearing each level, a certain amount of rewards can be obtained, and the team can get buffs to help in the following stage.
New Instant in Tower of Fantasy 2.3
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New Instances will be release in the upcoming Tower of Fantasy 2.3
  • New Joint Operation Instance: Carnival Party
    • Engage in battles with The Noise Band and finish the thrilling rhythm challenge.
    • Defeat the musicians at the end to be rewarded with chests and golden-quality equipment.
  • New Joint Operation Instance: Pursuit of Fate
    • A gameplay that combines battles and driving together. Engage in thrilling battles while experiencing the fun of driving.
    • Activate the mechanism and defeat the final boss to receive golden-quality equipment.

Bygone Phantasm: Boundless Realm

  • Reach Bygone Phantasm floor 500 to unlock the newly-released high-difficulty levels.
  • Challenge the bosses to rise higher and earn golden-quality equipment and items.

Tower of Fantasy Half-Anniversary

  • Hotta Studio is celebrating six months since the release of the Global Release.
Voting Competition in Tower of Fantasy
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Half-Year competition in Tower of Fantasy to decide who is the best character
  • Wanderers will obtain many exciting rewards in several events during this important celebration, including getting a skin for your favorite Simulacrum by voting for the favorite companion of the first half-year of Tower of Fantasy.

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