Fire Emblem Engage - Release Date and Everything we know so far

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Fire Emblem Engage Cover

Fire Emblem Engage is finally coming soon, and after a long wait for fans, we head to Eylos for the new game. We join the action after a vicious war broke out between the people of Elyos and the Fell Dragon a thousand years ago, and so the battle was born.

For those not in the know, Fire Emblem Engage is a turn-based strategic role-playing game, made exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Let's take a look at everything we know so far about the game and the continent of Eylos.

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Fire Emblem Engage Release Date

Only announced back in a Nintendo Direct in September 2022, the newest game in the frachise has had a quick turnaround. While many games releasing in 2023 have been subject to delays, the good news for fans is that this one has had no such issues.

Fire Emblem Engage
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Fire Emblem Engage will drop on the 20th of January 2023, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Both the standard edition and the Divine Edition will grant you access at the same time, but the Divine Edition comes with the following extras:

  • Physical Copy of the game
  • Art book
  • Art cards
  • Poster
  • Steelbook

If you're a long time fan of the series, this is fantastic value for money, so don't miss out!

Trailer and Gameplay


Fire Emblem Engage is a new mainline entry in the turn-based strategy game series that has been running for many years. It follows a new hero called Alear, a “divine dragon” from a royal house, who awakens after a thousand years to kick off the events of the game.

Heroes from previous Fire Emblem games will also make an appearance in Engage, and will be an integral part of the game. You’ll be able to summon and team up with the likes of Marth, Sigurd, and Celica for assists during battle.

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