Rocket League Season 5 release date: When does the new season begin?

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Rocket League has come an awfully long way since the release of its predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, way back in 2008. Now with much better mechanics, smoother graphics and tonnes of seasonal content, there's constantly something to look forward to. We're now in the middle of Rocket League season 4 and already waiting for the release date of Rocket League season 5. Here's what we know about it so far and when you can play it for yourself.

When does Rocket League Season 4 end?

We don't fully know when Season 4 is due to end just yet. It started on August 11th and seasons tend to last just over three months so we guess it will end around at some point between November 11th and November 17th. That being said, there's a chance it could come out a week or two earlier than this.

This gives you just over two weeks to get all that rocket pass content earned and get that competitive rank up. We don't fully know what the end of season rewards will be just yet but they're one of a kind so it's worth trying for them.

If you miss them the first time around, there's no way of getting them back again. Luckily, with weeks left, there's enough time to get that rank up.


Rocket League Season 5 start date

Generally, Rocket League don't tend to wait for very long to bring out the next season after the current one ends. It seems likely that there will be a small day long downtime after Season 4 before the launch of season 5.

We will update you right here as more information comes out. It seems likely we won't hear anything about the next season until the current Haloween event ends. There's no point mixing up all their information.