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Rocket League Neon Nights: New Event brings tons of cosmetics & a new LTM

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Although Rocket League is the blending of Football and Cars, another essential aspect of this gameplay experience is the music. So, to celebrate the ever-evolving soundtrack, developers are introducing a new event called Neon Nights!

Neon Nights will include exciting Challenges, Golden Moons to unlock tons of cosmetics, a new chaotic LTM, and unlockable Items featuring GRIMES.

Here's everything you need to know about Rocket League's upcoming Neon Nights event.

Release Date

The Neon Nights event featuring Galactic Space Princess by Grimes will arrive on Wednesday, January 26 at 9am PST.

The event will be available until February 8, 2022.

Challenges and Rewards

New challenges will be added daily, and completing these challenges will allow players to unlock Event Items:

The following challenges are rewards during Rocket League Neon Nights event:

  • GRIMES player Banner
    • Play 5 Matches while driving, Aftershock, Esper, Gizmo, Nexus, Scarab, or Vulcan.
  • Gravitator Topper
    • Get 15 Shots in Online Matches
  • Space Queen Topper
    • Get 10 Goals, Assist or Saves in Online Matches
  • Braided Trail
    • Get 5 Assist in Online Matches
  • GRIMES Octane Decal
    • Get 3 first touches on Online Matches
  • GRIMES Wheels
    • Score Three Goals in One Match
  • Fireworks (Multichrome) Universal Decal
    • Win by 2 or More in Online Matches
  • Uncanny Boost
    • Get 5 Aerial Hits (Above the Goal) or 5 goals in Online Matches

Throughout Neon Nights, players can obtain Golden Moons, which unlock a mix of classic items from the Impact, Nitro, and Overdrive Item Series.

Golden Moons work just like Golden Gifts from Frosty Fest. Complete the Challenge up to five times to earn Golden Moons, then open them in your Inventory to unlock items.

LTM Heatseeker Ricochet

As part of the Neon Nights event, a new LTM will be available in the Rocket Labs: Heatseeker Ricochet. In Heatseeker, every time you hit the ball it automatically heads toward the center of your opponent's goal.

It's like an Aimbot for Rocket League. The longer the volley of shots continues between your team and your opponents, the faster the ball travels.

Developers promise this mode will be chaotic, and it certainly sounds like it'll shake things up!

Lunar Year Celebration

Rocket League will celebrate the Lunar New Year as well, offering the Year of the Tiger Free Bundle in the Item Shop featuring the fearless Tiny Tiger Topper and Tyger Decal.

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