12 Apr 2021 10:57 AM +00:00

How to Enter Tournaments in Rocket League

While testing your Rocket League skills on standard servers is fun enough, the challenge of entering a tournament is even better.

However, it's not that easy to actually get into one, so we'll run you through what you need to do down below.

Rocket League Tournaments


Below is how Psyonix explain how tournaments work in the game:

"Competitive Tournaments are 32-team, single-elimination brackets based on each team's skill. Teams play one match each round until the Semifinals and Finals, which are best of three.

Teams that lose the first round (or show up after the Tournament start time) can join a Second Chance bracket for another try at victory."

How to Enter Tournaments

From the main menu, where you choose what mode to jump into, select 'Tournaments', which is the tile on the right of the top row.

Then, the list of available and upcoming tournaments will come up, complete with their start times.

You'll have to be quick and prepared to actually enter one though. Entry opens 15 minutes before they start and tournaments tend to fill up quite quickly.


The best thing to do is wait on the menu just before entry to a tournament you want to play opens.

Then, once the clock strikes 15 minutes before the tournament begins, wait ten seconds or so and then enter.

A lot of players have reported errors when trying to enter tournaments immediately.

Apparently, just waiting for a few seconds will keep you from encountering it. Don't wait too long though, as they often fill up very quickly.

If you do still encounter an error though, the best thing to do is close Rocket League entirely and try the process again, hoping spaces are still available.

You will then be able to battle it out with your squad to try and claim the win.