Rocket League Christmas Event: Frosty Fest 2021, start date, & new LTMs

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It's time for Frosty Fest - Rocket League is bringing back this iconic festive celebration for 2021 and it looks like there's a lot on offer this time around. Here's the latest and when you should be able to jump into the new update.

CONFIRMED - Frosty Fest is on the way!

Frosty Fest is going to start on December 16th - with an update going live for Rocket League on all platforms at 09:00 PST / 12:00 EST / 17:00 GMT.

Beckwith Park is getting a fresh coat of paint - well, snow actually - and there's going to be featured playlists for Winter Breakaway and Spike Rush. These are both returning modes, but they're perfect for the festive period. You can play these modes alongside Rocket League's standard playlists to complete Frosty Fest Challenges and get your hands on some cosmetic rewards, including the following:

  • Ring-a-Ling Wheels
  • Flannel Paint Finish
  • "Abominable Throwman" Player Title

The Frosty Pack Bundle is also going to be available in-store for 1100 Credits - it contains the following:

  • Tygris (Crimson Painted)
  • Frostbite Boost (Forest Green Painted)
  • Wonderment Wheels (Crimson Painted)
  • Sub-Zero Goal Explosion (Forest Green Painted)

FROSTY FEST - Everything you need to know

For the last four years, we've seen Frosty Fest appear in Rocket League as the game's main Christmas Event - we don't think 2021 is going to change that, despite the fact that we're now looking at a Rocket League that boasts much more collaborative content than before.

We don't know exactly when Frosty Fest 2021 is going to start yet, but we can estimate based on the previous iterations of the event. You can check out the dates below...

  • Frosty Fest 2017
    • December 11th - January 2nd
  • Frosty Fest 2018
    • December 17th - January 7th
  • Frosty Fest 2019
    • December 16th - January 6th
  • Frosty Fest 2020
    • December 14th - January 4th

With this in mind, we're going to hazard a guess that the Christmas event - whether it's Frosty Fest 2021 or something else - is going to start around December 13th.

Each year, a series of festive cosmetic items are added to Rocket League to celebrate Frosty Fest - things like Candy Cane Antennae and Snowflake Wheels. We should see another selection of generic festive items added to Frosty Fest. In the past, these are unlockable with "Snowflakes" - an in-game currency exclusive to the event that you can earn by playing the game and finishing challenges.

Rocket League Christmas Event 2021 Frosty Fest
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CANDY CANES EVERYWHERE - What else did you expect?

As Rocket League grows and improves, we could see a more expansive selection of limited-time modes this year. Something along the lines of this year's Haunted Hallows event is what we should be looking at. We don't think it's going to be themed around Batman, though. However, we could see a themed variant of a traditional mode and Rocket League's hockey-like mode should return front-and-centre.

We won't find anything out just yet, but we'll keep you updated with the latest information.