Beyond the Summit: Everything to know about the upcoming $50,000 Rocket League tournament

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Photo Credit: (Beyond the Summit) 

From DreamHack to Eleague some of the greatest Rocket League tournaments have come from third party tournament organizers working with Psyonix. Beyond the Summit takes a different approach to their events however as they do not feature a live audience and take place in a house in Los Angeles, California. 

Beyond the Summit grew popular as they popularized their laid back content heavy events in the DOTA2 circuit, and slowly the LA based company expanded to Smash and CS:GO with great success. Their latest foray is into Rocket League with a $50,000 prize pool event to take place from August 16th to the 18th as a combined effort with RL developer Psyonix. 

The timing of the event is amazing as it is before Dreamhack Montreal, but will not coincide with the next RLCS competitive season. The big draw for Summit events is both the commentary and the skits, and what better place than the home of the first two RLCS World championships? 

Casters, talent, and times

Recently Beyond the Summit announced the talent/caster lineup for BTS including ex/current pros, RLCS casters, and RL personalities. While it has some big omissions (no Gibbs, Lawler, or Jorby), it features some great names in James "Jamesbot" Villar, Jack "Corelli" Collier, and Cameron "CJCJ" Johns. 

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