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When is Roblox going to get voice chat features?

Roblox, released in 2006, has done pretty well for itself without voice chat features so far. It has well over 100 million active monthly users as it is!

In a recent Investor Day presentation, the Roblox Corporation raised the fact that voice chat features were coming in the future and this has re-opened the debate on whether they are even necessary.

Below, we have everything you need to know about Roblox and voice chat features.

When Is Voice Chat Coming To Roblox?

During the recent Roblox Investor Day presentation, VP of Engineering Adam Miller discussed the concept in an open-ended way that seemed to confirm it is coming in the future.

" Text chat is the core of Roblox communication today. In the future, we expect to open up communication through safe voice chat."

Although this is vague, it does confirm that the Roblox team are looking into how to implement some degree of voice chat features to their title.

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When are these voice chat features coming to Roblox though?

Roblox Voice Chat Snow Day
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OPTIONS - You can do almost anything in Roblox; It is the ultimate sandbox

Well, your guess is as good as ours. Roblox doesn't usually drop updates out of the blue and there's no word on when to expect these game-changing features to be added.

Why Is This A Concern?

Earlier in the presentation, it was mentioned that 56% of Roblox's daily users were under the age of 13 and in 2020, the developers told The Verge that "more than half" of every American under 16 played Roblox.


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With this in mind, it almost seems too obvious why voice chat features haven't been added to Roblox sooner.

"Safety is paramount" to the Roblox team and all Roblox text communications are rigorously filtered in an effort to protect the younger users who play.

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TOGETHER - Roblox is a multiplayer, social, experience at its core

This would be a lot harder to do while actually talking and appears to be the main reason why there aren't any voice chat features in Roblox yet.

" Communicating with friends is key to our social experience. When users communicate, they engage more, play together more, and even make more purchases.”

There isn't anything concrete explaining how the Roblox team are going to implement their safety features into a voice chat system but we're sure that they won't release anything unless it is up to scratch.

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