Roblox: How to Redeem Promo Codes - May 2020, Roblox Mobile, Robux & More

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Roblox is a leading online entertainment platform that enables players to create immersive 3D worlds in it's proprietary engine. 

With fun and intuitive game modes, it’s easy for anyone to jump in and start exploring Roblox with friends!

Every month, a fresh set of promo codes are released, and May's codes have been out since the start of the month.

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You'll need some help redeeming promo codes the first time around since there are a few steps to the process, so continue reading for all the details!

How to Redeem Promo Codes

First, you'll need to make sure that you're logged into the Roblox account you want to redeem the code in.

roblox controls
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ROBLOX MOBILE: You'll be able to redeem codes across all platforms that support the game


Next, head over to the 'Roblox Promo Code Redemption' page and enter your code in the box.

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Once you click redeem, you'll get a message confirming that you have redeemed a code.

You'll now be able to check out your new items in your account's inventory.

If this confirmation doesn't come up, you’ve entered an invalid code and you’ll need to try again or use a different code.

May 2020 Promo Codes

The first of the codes is “TWEETROBLOX”.

may 2020 promo codes roblox
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COSMETICS ARE KEY: A fresh set of Roblox cosmetics are released on a monthly basis


This will provide you with a cosmetic bird companion that sits on your character’s shoulder.

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The next is “SPIDERCOLA” – another cool cosmetic to add to the collection that sits on your shoulder!

You’ll be able to find these in your inventory once you’ve redeemed the codes.

Is Roblox on Mobile?

Roblox Mobile (also known as Roblox iOS and Roblox Android) is the mobile application version of the game.

roblox android ios
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ON THE GO: With Roblox mobile, you’ll be able to take the action anywhere!


It is available on iOS devices, any recent Android device and the Amazon Kindle.

The application allows the purchasing of in-game items from the avatar shop and enables access to Android and iOS-exclusive items.

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Find out more about the mobile system requirements here, or head over to our Roblox Mobile article for more details.