Roblox: Gift Cards, Bonus Virtual Items, and more!

Everything from how to redeem to rewards for purchasing, here’s everything you need to know!

by Ramzi Musa
Roblox Gift Cards 2

Roblox offers literally millions of titles alongside an impressively accessible game creator, which has produced some iconic and hugely popular titles ranging from RPGs to Battle Royals!

But if you’re interested in getting some more Robux to spend in-game, you may want to check out Roblox gift cards.

Here’s everything you need to know!


Roblox Gift Cards

Roblox gift cards come in £10 or £20 (in the US it’s 10$ or $20) and can be purchased either digitally or in stores.

The cards grant you Robux, the titles in-game currency, that can be spent in a number of ways.

You can pay to play some of the games, or purchase some awesome cosmetic additions to your player!

Roblox Gift Cards
THE PERFECT GIFT: Buyers will also get a special bonus too!

Where to get Roblox Gift Cards

Head over to retailers like GAME, Currys/PC World and Amazon to get your hands on them.

The great news is that you’ll also get another reward with your purchase!

Bonus Virtual Items

Cosmetics in Roblox allow you to add even more of your own style onto your characters.

When you redeem a Roblox gift card, you’ll be given one FREE virtual item.

Here’s what’s on offer:

Ninja Strike Cap

Theatricality and deception…but not in the way you know it. Check out this awesome headwear!

Annotation 2020 05 23 150512
OWWWIIIIE: Great cap, even better aim!

Business Ninja Pocket

Become the (Ninja) star of the meeting, with the bag that says, ‘I mean business!’

Roblox Gift cards
BUSINESS ATTIRE: For the ninja on the go

Pastel Ninja

Put style over practicality with this colourful stealth attire!

Roblox Gift cards
PASTEL NINJA: Stylish…and deadly!

Silent Ninja Wings

Check out these awesome wings cleverly made with what looks to be bamboo.

SUSTAINABLE STEALTH: A responsible addition to anyone’s arsenal

Shuriken Supreme

Wear this as a constant reminder to your foes, that no one is a bigger fan of shuriken than you!

head gear
ARE YOU SHURIKEN ABOUT THIS? There’s no question when it comes to this accessory

Ninja Chameleon

This little friend sits on your shoulder to remind you who is truly the ultimate stealth-specialist.

shoulder cosmetic
“YOUR TRAINING IS FAR FROM COMPLETE!” – Ninja Chameleon has harsh, but fair feedback

Blue Robux Backpack

Make it rain in the middle of Spring with this flashy essential. It also comes in red and black!

FLASH THE CASH: For when understatement is no longer on the dress-code

Promo codes

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Ramzi Musa