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07 May 2020

ROBLOX Best Cosmetics: Dungeon Quest, Pharaoh, Winter Wanderer and More!

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Dungeon Quests

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Desert Temple

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Winter Wanderer

If you’re looking for a family-friendly game to get stuck into, ROBLOX is a great start!

ROBLOX has multiple game modes for you to get stuck into, but there are a few that give you the best cosmetics.

Dungeons are great for getting these as they are very different
from other activities and add a level of difficulty.

Although this is the only way to unlock some of the best
skins like the Pharaoh and the Winter Wanderer.

Dungeon Quests

Dungeon Quests are like small missions where you fight
through an area to get to a boss. Once you kill the boss, you win.

roblox dungeon armour

There are quite a few of these that vary in difficulty, so
make sure to work your way up, rather than jump straight into the most
difficult one.

After each of these Dungeons, you’ll receive a new outfit,
which you are free to use anywhere.

Below, are 2 of the best skins you can get from the dungeons
as well as how to get them.

Desert Temple

After completing the Desert Temple Dungeon, you’ll receive
the Pharaoh skin.

roblox desert jungle

These are one of the more challenging Dungeons in the game
so make sure you level your character enough before entering this one.

Trying some of the earlier dungeons might be a good idea. You’ll
also receive some other cosmetics by doing these.

Winter Wanderer

You’ll receive the Winter Wanderer skin once you’ve received
the Winter Achiever title. Click here to find out how to get this title.

roblox winter wanderer

The Winter Wanderer is a great looking skin with an added cape.

This has a lot of detail including snow on the shoulders and cape giving it a slightly more realistic look.

If you enjoy Assassin’s Creed, this might be the look for you!

Luckily, you can get the Winter Wanderer skin from one of the easiest dungeons so you can get it fairly early in your ROBLOX experience!