Roblox: Best Battle Royale Games, Promo Codes and more

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Roblox gives players both seemingly unlimited creative freedom alongside a huge catalog of games to play.

Anything from murder mysteries and prison breaks all the way to treasure hunting and underwater exploration - Roblox has it all - including Battle Royales!


With that in mind, here's what we think are some of the best battle royale games to play on Roblox.

Roblox Best Battle Royale Games

Roblox is available to play on PC, Mac, Mobile, and Xbox One - and thanks to cross-platform multiplayer, you'll be able to get stuck into these titles on multiple devices!

Here's our pick of some of the best titles to get your battle royale fix.

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Island Royale

The game is a couple of years old, and has been favorited over 1 million times!


Up to 200 players can get involved in a match, with the goal being to be the last one standing.

Sound familiar? With the perceived similarities to the enormously popular Fortnite, it's not hard to see why this game is consistently drawing in new players!

Roblox best battle royale games

WELCOME TO THE ROCK! The only escape is to be the last one standing!

Prison Royale

Prison Royale places you in a similar situation as PUBG, however, it's first-person.

Search buildings for equipment and weapons, all while evading enemies!


With over 74 million visits, this is definitely one to jump into.

Roblox best battle royale games

I AIN'T GOIN BACK: You'll have to use your skills and cunning to ensure your freedom

Alone Battle Royale

With over 30 million visits, this battle royale title pits up to 64 players against each other on a huge map.

There's a ton of rewards and customization options to keep things fresh and exciting.

Check out the intense trailer below!



Strucid on the surface has very similar mechanics to Fortnite. As usual players will have to be the last one standing, but you can also build from resources too.

The title has been favorited over 1.3 million times, so it's safe to say it's a great contender for one of the best battle royale games on Roblox.

You can check out the game for yourself right here.

Roblox Best Battle Royale Games

Promo Codes

Look no further if you're interested in taking advantage of some of the promo-codes on offer for Roblox.


May Promo Codes

The first is “TWEETROBLOX”. This code will give you a cosmetic bird that sits on your character's shoulder. You’ll be able to find this in your inventory once you’ve redeemed your code.

Roblox: Best Battle Royale Games

GOT YOUR BACK: These two additions will sit happily on your character's shoulder!

Next, is “SPIDERCOLA”. Another awesome cosmetic to add to the collection that'll take pride and place on your shoulder too!

How to Redeem

To redeem, just head over to the Roblox website or launcher and go to the ‘Promotions’ page.


Here you’ll be able to enter your code on the right-hand side. Once that's done, you'll see a small text box stating your promo code has been redeemed successfully.

For everything Roblox and all the latest promo codes, be sure to check back in with us.

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