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28 Jul 2020

Roblox August 2020 Promo Codes for Clothes: Full List, Free Robux, How to Redeem & More

Roblox August 2020 Promo Codes for Clothes: Full List, Free
Robux, How to Redeem & More

Roblox promo codes come out once a month, but there is a decent list of active codes for all users to access!

On top of the latest promo codes, there is a whole list of active codes that will provide you with clothes for your avatar.

Continue below for these Roblox codes, as well as information on how to make some Robux!

Promo Codes for Clothes

Over the past few months, Roblox players have received an interesting collection of cosmetics.


VARIATION: You can make your avatar look however you want in Roblox

We’re anticipating the next set of promo codes to arrive any time now… well, at least we’re hoping for a set of codes!

Last month we only saw one new code, and it was for the Black Prince Succulent headphones.

However, we have the full list of active promo codes, so you should get them before they disappear!

codes 1

SHADES AND SHOULDER ACCESSORIES: Get all the latest clothing for your avatar!

These accessories are certainly a bold choice for customising your avatar with, and they have a surprising amount of detail.

promo codes

SICKO MODE: All of your mates will be jealous of this cool hat, backpack and cool set of headphones

And if free clothing isn’t enough for you, there are also ways that you can create your own clothing, with the option to make some money off of it!

Get Free Robux

Purchasing anything from the in-game catalogue requires Robux, the official currency.


IT’S EASY: Just follow the steps we list below!

And the more you have, the more special items you can buy!

Using Robux allows users to create game passes and developer products in different games – a touch that cements Roblox as a game of the future.

There are a couple of reliable ways to make some quick cash, so we will take you through them below.