Roblox August 2020 Gift Cards: Cosmetics, Robux, Buy Clothes, Promo Codes & More

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Roblox players face many problems in-game, but possibly the biggest one is earning Robux.

Since they are so hard to come by, players will go through crazy lengths to get them!

There are some proven ways to earn them, but if you're in for a quick fix, Roblox Gift Cards may be the option for you...

Gift Cards


Roblox gift cards are available in just two versions: £10 and £20.

Roblox: Gift Cards, Bonus Virtual Items, and more! - RealSport
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THE PERFECT GIFT: Though the options are limited, Roblox Gift Cards give players access to some unbelievable content

Both can be purchased either digitally or in stores, and grant players a bunch of Robux, the title’s in-game currency.

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Robux can be spent in various ways, like on some of the games or on some of the insane cosmetics available.

Major UK retailers like GAMEPC World and Amazon all have Roblox Gift Cards stocked.

Latest Promo Codes

Last month we only saw one new code, and it was for the Black Prince Succulent headphones, but there are loads of others to redeem!

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GET THEM WHILE THEY ARE HOT: Get all the latest clothing for your avatar!


These accessories are a bold choice to customise your avatar with, and they feature a great level of detail.

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SICKO MODE: All of your mates will be jealous of this cool hat, backpack and cool set of headphones

But if you’re struggling for where to go with these promo codes, we’ve got your back!

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