Is Roblox on PS5? Next-Gen, PS5 reveal, June Promo Codes, PS4, and more!

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The PS5 reveal went down an absolute storm, but there are still millions of players who may want to know one thing! Is Roblox on PS5?

Keep reading for everything we know so far.


Is Roblox on PS5?

The massively popular online game platform and creator continues to provide endless amounts of fun to players worldwide.

Creative, engaging and hugely entertaining, some of the titles of Roblox have reached almost legendary status amongst fans.

Whether you're going gunning to take part in an awesome Battle Royal, or perhaps want to experience one of Roblox's best RPGs - there is something for everyone.


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Is Roblox on PS5

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But the big question is - does 'everyone' extend to future PS5 owners also?


Well, at this point nothing has been officially confirmed.

Roblox is currently playable on PC, Mobile, and Xbox One, with players having to be a little more creative if they're interested in playing on PS4.

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Will it come out on PS5?

With no official announcement as of yet, we can only speculate. We have seen similar titles, such as Minecraft, gradually become available on PS4 in the past.


However, it is still too early to tell if we'll get to see Roblox on PS5. With its enormous popularity, it would appear to be a wise move to do so, so fans will surely have their fingers crossed.

Is Roblox on PS5

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