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"More gentle return than overhead smash"

Tennis World Tour 2 is out now on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, and there are some great features on Next Gen consoles.

The graphics and loading times on the consoles as we know are insane, and they really make a difference on TWT 2.

First Impressions


From the moment you see the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on your home screen, you are expecting greatness.

For PS5 users, the rapid loading times mean you can go from turning on your console to Centre Court in next to no time.

On the court, there is something so delightfully satisfying when you hit your first shot, and the experimentation with the variety of shots at your disposal is very enjoyable.

There are lots of playing options too, so there's something for everyone.

Gameplay lacking a spark

It just feels like something is missing.

Part of the attraction of tennis is the explosive winners and combination of power and control which doesn’t quite translate in Tennis World Tour 2.

game modes tennis world tour 2
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SPOILT FOR CHOICE - There are plenty of game options in TWT 2

Unfortunately, the game does not leave us wanting more which makes the shortened match options a blessing in disguise.

Couple the gameplay with the lack of commentary, and TWT 2 feels a little bit empty.

It is quite telling that we enjoyed the mini-games in Tennis School more than the actual matches themselves.

Don’t skip class in Tennis School

One of the positives from the game.

Tennis School is where you will learn the tricks of the trade, so if you are new to tennis games then you must go straight to class.

The coaching sessions and challenges are clear and quick, so it does not get tedious as you learn how to play the game.

The rapid loading times also allow you to breeze right through, with barely enough time to check out the helpful tips.

tennis world tour ps5 loading time
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RAPID PACE - You won't see much of these loading screens

With short tutorials and mini-games, the Tennis School mode is the perfect way to ease you into the Tennis World Tour 2.

The in-game sound did stop halfway through the tutorials though, bit we are sure if this is a bug it could be fixed with an early patch.

In the eery silence that followed we missed the squeaking tennis shoes and sound of ball on racket.

Path to glory

The customisation options in Career Mode are not extensive which is a shame, but there is enough to get by and create your avatar.

You will want to fly through the levels quickly and unlock some decent merchandise as the generic shirt you have at the start is nothing short of horrific.

tennis world tour 2 shirt
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FASHION FAUX PAS - The generic shirt is a unique look

We should have spent more time in the Tennis School as our debut match on tour was a rude awakening.

Beginning with a double fault, we were quickly dispatched in straight sets in the doubles competition at the Orca Open in Vancouver.

The early matches are shorter though, which is great in a Career Mode where progression can become time-consuming.

tennis world tour 2 gameplay
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AT THE NET - Playing at the net is not for the faint-hearted

The premise of the Career Mode is great as progression into the top ranks feels rewarding, but at the same time is not unnecessarily long like we have seen in other games such as Ashes Cricket, so overall a win for TWT 2.

The lack of a storyline puts a bit of a downer on proceedings though, so any rivalries will be left up to your imagination.

Get in the game

As you can imagine, tournament play can be quite a commitment, so just setting up a quick exhibition game is probably the best way to enjoy TWT 2 for the casual gamer.

Whether you are on your own or playing with friends, we would recommend this mode as the best way to play the game.

We must also make note of the graphics of Roland Garros.

rafael nadal tennis world tour 2
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WHO ELSE? - It had to be Nadal when we played at Roland Garros

Fully licensed on the game, the graphics for the world-famous French Open are excellent and definitely lifted our spirits.

There was a little fire lit inside us when we hit a winner with Rafael Nadal on the clay court, which gives us hope for more to come in the future.


If you like tennis games, then you will know you aren’t spoilt for choice in terms of video games, so TWT 2 is definitely worth a go as it could well tickle your fancy.

The Career Mode does just enough to keep you interested, especially once you start making real progress in the world rankings.

serve tennis world tour 2 gameplay
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ACE - There is satisfaction in nailing a good serve

The graphics are also a strong improvement on Next Gen consoles, so there are positives to take.

The gameplay does hold it back a bit as it can feel a bit lifeless at times, but that is put to one side when competing in the fully licensed French Open in all its glory.

It does feel more like a gentle return than an overhead smash, but perhaps this is just serving us up future tennis titles fully developed for Next Gen in the years to come.

RealSport Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)

Tennis World Tour 2 Complete Edition is available on Amazon for £49.99 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S from Thursday, 25 March (UK) and Tuesday, 30 March (US).

We reviewed Tennis World Tour 2 Complete Edition on PS5.

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