RIG 800 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset Review

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RIG 800 Pro HD wireless gaming headset box

Gaming peripherals exist in a very strange space right now where some big names run the show, but you can't overlook the little guys. We recently had a chance to look at the RIG 800 Pro headset and it's honestly left me quite astounded.

I'm the kind of player who looks for comfort as a priority with sound clarity right behind and then mic performance rounding off my top three. Does the RIG 800 Pro succeed in turning my head away from my comfort brands like Razer and Steelseries? Let's take a look.

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Comfort is King

I had major concerns when it came to the comfort factor that RIG can offer across all of its headsets, not just the 800 Pro. Rather than being a fixed but wide-fitting support like Steelseries or operating on an adjustment slider, the RIG headsets have three fixed-size settings.

This may end up being a problem for some who need precision fitting but for me, the largest setting offers comfort which was exactly what I needed. Adjusting the size can be daunting to begin with because you need to pop the earcups out and place them back into the desired slots. Luckily the general durability of the RIG series of headsets is quite possibly unmatched.

view of the RIG 800 Pro in it's charging dock
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During a demo at Gamescom 2022, I was pretty much challenged to outright break the headset and for all the bending and twisting I did, there was no give or permanent warping seen on the frame. Granted demonstrations like this are somewhat pointless in the long run because I would never handle a headset like this but it goes to show how far Nacon was willing to go to make their point.

When it comes to how the headset sits in the ear, a dual-material compound makes for a nice feeling but it's one area where I feel more could have been done. During longer sessions, the fit of the headset was perfectly fine but the on-ear contact could lead to overheating or irritation.

A flip-to-mute mic is also a bonus and, while being a common feature, is still something left out on certain high-end headsets. The general mic quality is very high and the mic monitoring, which is a must-have in any headset, ensures you have full control over your output.

Built for use

Wireless accessories always cause me to cringe a little only because I've always believed that wired was key to performance. Not just in headsets but mice, keyboards, and everything else when it came to PC gaming.

Luckily, the wireless connection in the RIG 800 Pro is perfect and I didn't experience any lagging, audio desync or general sound quality issues at all.

side view of the RIG 800 Pro
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Beyond this is the docking station and battery life which take the awkwardness of wireless play entirely out of the equation. The headset sits very nicely for display and chargers via a magnetic connection. While weighty, the charging dock has a relatively small footprint meaning it should fit nicely onto a desk or tv stand of any size.

As for the battery life, the packaging suggests 24 hours courtesy of the 1800 mAh battery and I've found that to be very accurate. You get an update in the form of a voice each time you turn the headset on as to where your battery level sits (high or low). It really did surprise me just how much use I got out of the RIG 800 Pro before it required a charge.

There is said to be a wireless range of up to 10m, connecting via a dongle that can be stored nicely in the charging dock, but I would argue that I was able to push this a little further in my tests albeit we're not talking 15/20m but certainly beyond the 10m advertised.

A Competitive Edge

Features that are starting to become a gold standard for gaming headsets is 3D audio and Dolby Atmos. It's undeniable that if you're looking for a truly immersive experience, they play a key role.

the RIG 800 Pro charging dock
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Sound quality is naturally one of the biggest things any headset needs to get right and I really can't fault the RIG Pro 800 on any account. Better yet, the pricing across the series is very reasonable given the features included.

If, however, you're more adept to a single-ear experience or not looking to lose track of the real world entirely, the sound quality is still incredibly high even without all features enabled.

The charging dock is included in all versions of the headset each one comes in at £199.99 / €199.99 / $149.99.



I can safely say the RIG 800 Pro is a fantastic wireless gaming headset that really shows that no company can rest on their laurels in the peripheral space.

The simplicity of its set-up and aesthetically pleasing charging solution are bonuses on top of the brilliant sound quality and comfort factor.

If you're looking for a new headset and aren't set on a specific brand or are looking for advice, I would highly recommend giving the RIG 800 Pro a look as it offers a brilliant value-for-money package even though it's somewhere in the middle of the price scale compared to competitors.

RIG 800 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset
The RIG 800 Pro offers fantastic sound quality, high levels of comfort and looks great when sat in the charging dock. With few reasons to argue against the overall package, I can't help but recommend this headset as a brilliant contender within a busy market.

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