Resident Evil Village Re:Verse Gets Release Date

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Resident Evil Village came out to some fanfare just last month so the team have been hard at work updating it ever since.

Luckily, today at Capcom's E3 showcase, they revealed some new information on the future of the game. Being just one of the many E3 shows to take place this week, it's a little confusing to keep track of. Here's what you need to know.

Resident Evil Village Re:Verse Release Date

Re:Verse, the free DLC to the base game has received its release window, releasing in July, next month.

It's all about taking control of famous bosses and heroes from the franchise to fight other players online. With Resident Evil reaching its 25 year anniversary, this mode is all about celebrating the past in a fun, arcadey mess where all the bosses face off against each other in a multitude of arenas. It likely won't take itself very seriously but should offer enough fun to look forward to.

Resident Evil Village DLC Confirmed

In a bit of surprising news at the very end of the Resident Evil section, it was announced Village would receive a piece of DLC. Although very little was revealed, the small text we received shows a few things. It said that in response to the demand for it, additional DLC was now in the works.

This could mean that there was no DLC being worked on or the original DLC plans have been extended to meet higher demand. We could see a story DLC wrapping up some of the vaguer parts of the game or perhaps something different entirely. Either way, it is rather exciting news. Check back here soon for the latest information on everything Resident Evil.

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