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Wooden Mannequin Room Door Code Solution in RE Village

As expected, there are loads of doors in Resident Evil Village that require codes to open.

One of those is found in the House Beneviento, following the Castle section of the game, and you'll need to get out of a room that has a large wooden mannequin in it.

You'll be able to interact with various parts of the wooden woman, but getting out of the room will be your main objective. Here's how to.

Wooden Mannequin Room Door Code Solution in Resident Evil Village

If you interact with the large doll's left hand, you'll be able to remove her ring.

Then, head into the smaller room at the back of the room, the one with the sink you can interact with in it.

Once in there, use the ring on the sink to wash the blood off it.

Resident evil village mannequin doll room code
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Wash The Ring

Now, zoom in to see a code on the inside of the ring, which is the code to the large door in the main doll/surgery room.

Head to the door and enter 052911 by moving the six numbers up or down. Then, it should open and you'll be able to continue.

Resident evil village mannequin doll room code
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Enter the Code

Keep your wits about you, though, as there are some other scary things hiding in this house and it's very, very dark.

What the Code Is

If you can't be bothered to find the code out for yourself and just want to race through Resident Evil Village, we have it below nice and simply.

The doll room door code is: 052911

Just type that in and you'll be all set. Do your best to keep Ethan alive, he's had plenty of injuries as it is!

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