All of Resident Evil Village's Voice Actors

Below, we've got the full list of voice actors in Resident Evil Village and will break down where you might know the main characters' actors from.

Before we get into it, there are some spoilers in the cast list for what characters turn up throughout Resident Evil Village. If you want to go in completely fresh, turn back now!

First of all, we'll run you through who plays the main characters, giving you some background on where you might know the voice from.

Ethan Winters Voice Actor

Resident Evil Village voice actors
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Todd Soley plays Ethan Winters

Ethan Winters is once again played by Todd Soley, having done so in the last few games in the Resident Evil series.

Away from Capcom's game's, though, you might know him as Christian / Vince McMahon in the old WWE Smackdown vs. Raw games.

Chris Redfield Voice Actor

resident evil village voice actors
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Jeff Schine plays Chris Redfield - Image Credit: IMDb

Jeff Schine returns to the Resident Evil series to play Chris Redfield.

You'll probably recognise his voice more, since he played Javier in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, Carlos Oliveira in Resident Evil 3 Remake, and Captain America in Marvel's Avengers.

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Lady Dimitrescu Voice Actor

Resident Evil Village Voice actors
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Maggie Robertson plays Lady Dimitrescu - Image Credit: IMDN

The famous tall lady, Lady Dimitrescu, is played by Maggie Robertson. This is actually her first credited video game acting role.

Karl Heisenberg Voice Actor

Resident Evil Village Voice Actors
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Neil Newbon plays Karl Hiesenberg - Image Credit: Digital Spy

Neil Newbon is another actor who returns from Resident Evil 3, having played Nicholai Ginovaef.

Elsewhere, he's played Elijah Kamski in Detroit: Become Human and Astarion in the upcoming Baldur's Gate 3. He plays Karl Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village.

Mother Miranda Voice Actor

Resident Evil Village voice actors
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Michelle Lukes plays Mother Miranda

Michelle Lukes has played Kelly-087 in Halo 5, and Sgt. Julia Richmond in the Strike Back TV show. She's Mother Miranda in Capcom's new game.

Full Resident Evil Village Voice Cast

Below, we've got the full voice cast list for the major and semi-important characters in the game.

  • Ethan Winters - Todd Soley
  • Mia Winters - Katie O'Hagan
  • Chris Redfield - Jeff Schine
  • Mother Miranda - Michelle Lukes
  • Karl Heisenberg - Neil Newbon
  • Salvatore Moreau - Jesse Pimentel
  • Angie - Paula Rhodes
  • Donna Beneviento - Andi Norris
  • Lady Dimitrescu - Maggie Robertson
  • Daniela Dimitrescu - Nicole Tompkins
  • Cassandra Dimitrescu - Jeanette Maus
  • Bela Dimitrescu - Bekka Prewitt
  • The Duke - Aaron LaPlante
  • Elena - Nicole Tompkins
  • The Hag - Carol Stanzione
  • Leonardo - Robert Fleet
  • Luiza - Sara Coates
  • Adult Rose - Jeannie Tirado
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