How to Survive the Attack in Resident Evil Village

Rather than the series' traditional zombies, you come face to face with lycans and vampires throughout Resident Evil Village.

Early on in the game, while you're in the village area, you'll be attacked by loads of them at once, with no obvious way of escaping.

There'll be tens of them and a big guy with a massive hammer. No matter how much you run around and shoot them, there will always be more to kill you.

survive the attack, resident evil village
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SURROUNDED: Try to escape

However, you need to get away to continue the game, so we've got a guide on exactly how to do that.

How to Survive the Attack in Resident Evil Village

What you don't want to do is try to take on the attackers with your weapons. There's no point and you'll inevitably run out of ammo and become overrun.

There is no end to the enemies, so you cannot possibly win.

What you need to do is run away, but to be precise, you need to run to a specific place to activate a cutscene.

Running up and down the main road of the village or into any of the buildings won't help, only giving you a little more time before dying.

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The best thing to do is head up the hill towards the house you can climb on top of. Then, turn around and head back down, looking for the fence on the left.

Jump over that fence and a cutscene will play. Ethan doesn't fully escape the attack, as you'll see, but you'll have survived this part of the attack and can continue Resident Evil Village's story.

You can see the fence in the screenshot below, so look for that and jump over it. It's as simple as that, even if it might not seem like it initially.

survive the attack, resident evil village
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JUMP!: Look for the fence

This won't be the last you see of the lycans, however.

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