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How to save in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village has finally been releasing, bringing more first-person horror to our screens, and the first time a Resident Evil game has been released on the next-generation of consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Here is how to save your progress in Resident Evil Village.

How To Save Your Game

Classic Resident Evil, as well as 2017's Resident Evil 7 and recent RE2 and RE3 remakes, featured the typewriter as a method to save your progress, allowing you to save that exact moment and start where you left off when you come back to the game.

The typewriter has once again returned in Resident Evil Village and are dotted across the game's world.

Resident Evil Village Typewriter
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There is only a few of them, usually found in key areas of the game, such as the castle and before any key moments.


The main one in the castle is also where you can find Duke so you can keep going back to that one to upgrade your weapons while saving your progress.

As it is a modern game, it also has checkpoints, so if you should die you can start again without losing much progress.

These can also be used as auto-saves, allowing you to just lose all of the progress since the last checkpoint.

From the main menu you can select to load the game from a typewriter save, or from your last save, which will be either the typewriter or autosave, so you'll never lose much progress should you need to turn the game off for any reason.

But, with the next-gen consoles quick resume features, it is simple enough to just shut the console off and immediately pick up where you left off when you turn it back on, as long as you don't switch games in the meantime.

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