The countdown to Resident Evil Village: Everything You Need To Know

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Resident Evil Village is finally here and it's time to get stuck into Capcom's latest entry into the Resident Evil franchise. Be warned though, it's a scary one!

How Long Is Resident Evil 8?

If you've ever played a Resident Evil title, you'll know that they're not too long. In fact, a few of them are notorious for being "speedrunner" games. Still, with that being said, Resident Evil Village is a fairly long game for a Resident Evil game.


It should take you around 10 hours to finish if you're playing on Normal Difficulty.

Obviously, there are a few factors that can slow you down, like puzzles and boss fights, so don't take this as an exact figure. That "10 hours" is also just taking into account average playthroughs. If you want to fully explore every nook and cranny, you should expect it to take you a little longer.

Early Review Scores

The Embargo looks like it's been lifted (at least in relation to critics posting their Spoiler-Free reviews) and it's good news if you're looking forward to Resident Evil Village tomorrow.

The Metacritic Metascores are pretty high across the board, as you can see below:


As you can imagine, there are not too many critical reviews on the current-gen consoles. However, there are reports that it runs as well as you'd expect and the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro both have some enhancements.

It's also worth noting that the above scores are only accurate as of May 6th and are subject to change as more reviews are added to Metacritic's database.

If there's one thing everyone is agreeing on, it is that Resident Evil Village has moments that are genuinely scary and makes good use of its horror setting. Lady Dimitrescu clearly has it out for Ethan, huh.

Resident Evil Village Release Date

The upcoming Resident Evil release from Capcom is going to be the eighth title in the series (officially, in reality, there are over 25 Rezzie games!) However, when can you actually play it?

Well, as you might already know, there isn't a lot of time left to wait!

Resident Evil Village is due to release on May 7th! This should unlock at midnight local time on your PlayStation and Xbox console.


If you're wanting to play the new Resident Evil on PC, though, you might have to wait a bit more. There's no confirmation of this just yet, but be prepared. We're expecting Capcom to confirm the regional release times soon.


Preloading Information & Download Sizes

If you weren't aware, you can actually preload Resident Evil Village right now on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Although this doesn't mean you can play the game early, it does mean you can jump into the new game as soon as it releases on May 7th.

On top of this information, the download size for Resident Evil Village has been revealed ahead of release by PlayStationFileSizes on Twitter. They are as follows:

  • PlayStation 4 - 29.4 GB
  • Xbox - 27.11 GB
  • PlayStation 5 - 27.4 GB
  • PC - Not yet confirmed

We don't know which generation of Xbox console this is referring to just yet, but it could mean the Series X|S version of Resident Evil Village is even smaller than 27GB! As for PC platforms, we're also expecting something somewhat similar.

Ethan Winters Is Back

If you're looking for story details about Resident Evil Village, you're in the wrong place. But that's a good thing, right? Resident Evil Village has had several limited-time demos by this point but story details are still sparse and the mystery of Lady Dimitrescu and her vampiric coven are at large.

Chris Redfield Resident Evil Village Countdown
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CHRIS IS BACK? - Redfield is returning, but we don't know what role he will play!

We do know that Resident Evil 7's Ethan Winters is back as the protagonist and we have seen that Chris Redfield is going to appear at some point, but other than that? It's hard to tell what chaos is going to ensue when Resident Evil Village comes out in a couple of days.

For now, though... We have one of the newer trailers for you below:


The Mercenaries Are Also Back

Resident Evil games are notoriously short, but that doesn't mean they're not worth replaying. Resident Evil Village is making sure that you'll get the most out of it by re-introducing The Mercenaries to the series.

If you don't know what this means, we've got you covered.


Resident Evil Village's The Mercenaries is an arcade-style bonus mode that introduces a points system, time limitations, abilities and upgrades that you just won't see in the standard Resident Evil Village story mode.

It's going to be a wild ride that puts challenge and gameplay at the forefront. Of course, everyone should play through Resident Evil Village's standard campaign first but this additional game mode helps to make Resident Evil Village a title you can play again and again.


VR Support and Next-Gen Features

We all know that Resident Evil 7 has PSVR support by now. It's a fantastic addition to the title that lends itself well to the newer, first-person perspective gameplay of the recent titles in the series. However, what about Resident Evil Village in VR?

At the moment, there's not really a lot of news about this. Here's what we got about Resident Evil 7 in VR when it was released...

But, as for Resident Evil Village? We're not going to get our hopes up. We're days out from release and we still haven't heard anything about it. When Resident Evil 7 was released, we already knew a lot about the VR version of the title.

We could see it released further down the line when the second iteration of PSVR is released, but only time will tell.

As for the next-gen specific features, we're looking at all the standard upgrades. 4K visuals at a solid 60FPS is an expected level of quality and we're also hearing reports that loading times are drastically improved. We are also expecting some use of the PS5's unique DualSense features but we'll have to wait and see how these will actually play out when the full game is released.