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How to pick locks in Resident Evil Village

Treasure is hidden throughout Resident Evil Village's world and some of them are locked away.

To get to them, you need to pick locks sometimes, but there's only one way to do so.

Here's a quick guide on how to pick locks and get lockpicks in Resident Evil Village.

How to Pick Locks in Resident Evil Village

As you've probably deciphered from the above, you need lockpicks to pick locks in Resident Evil Village.

There's no other way to get into locked draws and cupboards, so you've got to get yourself some. You can't pick locked doors that require special keys - just draws and the like.

We'll get into how you get lockpicks in a second, but once you do, interacting with a locked draw will bring up your inventory automatically.

Then, just select the lockpick from your collection of stuff and the pick will unlock whatever you've interacted with.

How to Get Lockpicks

There is only one way to get lockpicks in Resident Evil Village and that is to find those scattered throughout the world.

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They'll be in draws themselves, behind locked doors, or in crates of sorts that you'll find following the completion of some of the game's many puzzles.

There also aren't that many, so you'll often have to double back on yourself to pick locks you spotted earlier on.

That's something that Resident Evil Village promotes throughout, as the series has done traditionally. You'll need to remember what you've seen and go back to it once you've got the items you need.

There is no other way to get lockpicks in the game. You cannot craft them and you cannot buy them from The Duke. Finding them and using them at the right time is about all you can do.

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