Resident Evil: Beta For Unannounced Multiplayer Game Goes Live This Month

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Earlier this week Capcom announced a new RE Showcase, giving us the first glimpse at gameplay from the upcoming Resident Evil 8.

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But, Capcom has another trick up its sleeve too.

New Resident Evil Beta


Starting on January 28th, there will be a new beta for a currently unannounced multiplayer Resident Evil game.

This beta will only be available to current Resident Evil Ambassador members.

Members will be able to sign up from January 14th-25th for a chance at earning a key to take part.

There will also be three deadlines to apply, meaning if players don't get selected the first time they can apply again.

Here are the deadlines:

  • 1st Deadline: January 20, 9:59AM (EST) / 6:59AM (PST)
  • Announcement: January 22, 3AM (EST) / 12AM (PST)
  • 2nd Deadline: January 25, 9:59AM (EST) / 6:59AM (PST)
  • Announcement: January 27, 3AM (EST) / 12AM (PST)

Beta Play Times

The beta will run from January 28th to January 29th, giving players a small window to check out the new game.

It is likely we will see more beta for the game in the future.

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Outbreak 3?


It has been speculated that the new multiplayer game will be Resident Evil Outbreak 3.

The Outbreak series was a multiplayer campaign game, where groups of survivors would have to head through different scenarios during the Raccoon City outbreak and try to survive and escape.

Outbreak 1 and 2 were released on the PS2 during the early 2000s, but the servers have since gone offline, unless you play via dedicated servers using emulation.

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For many years fan have been hoping for a new Outbreak game, especially with the gaming world go more online and now we have the technology for a smooth online experience.

Resistance 2?

In 2020 Resident Evil Resistance was released alongside Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Resident Evil Resistance Survivors Key Art
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FLOPPED: RE Resistance was largely a flop with fans.

Resistance is a Dead By Daylight style game that puts 4 survivors again 1 "Mastermind", who is tasked with preventing the survivors from escaping and winning.

Overall the game flopped and has not been well received by fans, so it seems unlikely that Capcom would develop a sequel for it.

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