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Resident Evil 8 To Have Multiplayer Content According To Steam Listing

Last week Capcom announced the RE Showcase, an event taking place on January 21st that will give us our first look at Resident Evil 8 gameplay.

It is also expected that we will see new announcements be made, possibly RE8's releases and perhaps confirmation that the Resident Evil 4 Remake is in development.

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Resident Evil 8 Will Have Multiplayer

Resident Evil 8's store listing on Steam was quietly updated recently to include the tag "Multiplayer".

The change hasn't gone live on the store page yet, but was noted by Steamdb, this is likely due to Capcom not officially announcing it yet and it will change after the RE Showcase.

Resident Evil 7 Mia Possessed
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IMMERSION: The first person perspective helps keep players immersed in the horror.

With the game continuing on from Resident Evil 7's first person horror style, multiplayer isn't something that players were expecting from the game.


It is possible that the multiplayer aspect could be co-op, we've seen co-op in Resident Evil in games such as RE5.

There is also a possibility that the multiplayer aspect will be its own standalone game, much like Resident Evil Resistance, which came bundled with 2020's Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Unannounced Multiplayer Beta

Recently Capcom sent out an email to RE Ambassadors about a new unannounced multiplayer beta that is taking place from January 28th.

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It is expected that the beta will be officially announced during the RE Showcase, with the title and premise of the game revealed.

Outbreak 3

For many years fans have been asking for Resident Evil Outbreak 3, but so far their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

The Outbreak series was released on PS2 in the early 2000s, which saw groups of survivors tackle various scenarios are they tried and escape Raccoon City during the T-virus outbreak.

Outbreak featured online multiplayer, but due to low internet speeds and hardware limitations at the time, it wasn't the most enjoyable experience and no further games were developed.


Resistance 2

Last year saw the release of Resident Evil Resistance, a Dead By Daylight clone which was released as a free bonus with Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Resident evil resistance main survivors key art
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FLOPPED: Resident Evil Resistance largely flopped with fans.

Resistance saw mixed reviews from fans, with some enjoying the fresh take on the RE universe, while many others didn't enjoy it.

It is possible that a sequel could be in development, but it seems unlikely due to the amount of backlash the game has received.

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