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PlayStation 5: March Pre-Orders & Reveal event, DualShock 5 Unveiling & more

Pre-orders for Sony’s next-gen console will be going live sooner rather than later, according to recent comments from a reliable leaker.

The highlight of the leak is that pre-orders will be available from March 2020, which isn't hard to believe considering how the PlayStation 5 official has only just gone live.

Check out the full leak below, as well as all the details we have on the DualShock 5 controller being revealed soon.

Another week, another leak

The notorious Twitter leakster @PSErebus sent out a series of tweets over the weekend, claiming to shed some details on Sony’s PS5 plans.

ps5 pre order
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THE NOTORIOUS: @PSErebus has been at the core of most of the PS5 related leaks we've seen


The biggest thing to take from this is that pre-orders will allegedly be available from March 2020

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According to the tip, US gamers will be able to place PS5 pre-orders using PlayStation’s recently launched online direct-purchase store.

The leak hasn’t been officially confirmed, so we should handle it with caution.

DualShock 5 is unveiling soon

@PSErebus has also speculated that Sony plans to unveil the PlayStation 5’s DualShock 5 controller in the first quarter of 2020.

ps5 controller leak
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CONSISTENCY: Many of @PSErebus' predictions turn out to be accurate, but we need to take this one with a pinch of salt


Other than a few devkit leaks and patents popping up in the past few months (which mentioned haptic feedback and adaptive triggers), very little about the controller has actually been revealed.

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Ever since E3, Microsoft has kept its foot firmly on the accelerator, providing us with a steady stream of details

It would be nice if Sony would start doing the same, as their 'keeping cards close to their chest' strategy is starting to get old.

Then again, next-gen titles are sure to dominate E3, so expect Sony to keep some details reserved until then.