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Red Dead Redemption 2: Update 1.15 - Patch notes, Expanded story mode, Size, Platforms & more

Rockstar Games has officially announced their next update for Red Dead Redemption 2.

The recent patch notes include an expanded story mode and new single-player missions for console players.

Keep reading for all the details we have on the update.

Update 1.15

The 1.15 update will apply to all consoles as well as PC.

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MAN OUT OF TIME - RDR2's Main Character, Arthur Morgan, in action


Stadia will also receive the update, but they won't need to download the update due to the USP of Google’s product. 

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The update is said to be 623 MB on PS4.

We can assume that the update will be somewhere around this number For the Xbox One, however, PC may have a larger update due to the more detailed textures. 

Patch Notes

The Official Patch Notes include: 

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DUTCH'S POSSEY - Meet Arthur's allies in the story of RDR2.

  • General stability fixes and improvements 
  • Addressed an issue resulting in Posse members losing Moonshine bottles at the conclusion of Posse leader sell missions in Red Dead Online 

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This seems to be all Rockstar have released for patch notes.

However, there may be small changes the developers have made that are not included in the patch notes.

These are usually just quality of life alterations, rather than major gameplay changes.

Stay tuned for our updates.