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Red Dead Redemption

24 Jan 2020

Red Dead Redemption 2: PS4-Exclusive Content now available for Xbox One, PC, And Stadia

Red Dead Redemption 2 has, for a while now, had content that is only available for PlayStation 4 users.

PC and Stadia players were refused access to certain apparel and emotes in Red Dead Online, while Xbox One players had a few missions missing.

That said, Rockstar Games has just announced some new apparel and emotes that are now available in Red Dead Online for Xbox, PC and Stadia users.

Check them out below.


  • Salizzo Double Bandolier
  • Rulfo Boots
  • Starrett Hat
  • Gordillo Half-Chaps


  • Hat Flick
  • Howl
  • Jovial Laugh
  • Subtle Wave
  • You vs Me

More weapons, missions and hideouts have finally been added to the Xbox One version.

BANDITS: Take over the town with your partner in crime

Check them out:

  • 3 Story Mode Bounty Hunter Missions
  • 2 Story Mode Gang Hideouts
  • 2 Story Mode Treasure Maps
  • “To The Ends of The Earth” Story Mode Mission
  • 4 Weapons Added to Story Mode
  • 7 Horse Breeds Added to Story Mode
  • 5 Hidden Trinkets Added to Story Mode

The additions to Xbox One specifically are the real highlight - players on Xbox can now access photo mode and line up artful shots, which can be edited in the Rockstar Games Social Club.

Check back in for our weekly Red Dead Redemption 2 updates.