Red Dead Online Weekly Update COUNTDOWN: 5 May Patch Update, Featured Series, Bonuses, Discounts, Cinco de Mayo & more

Here’s what we know about the upcoming reset, with a Mexican twist possibly on the cards.

Alastair Pusinelli by Alastair Pusinelli
red dead online weekly update countdown

Red Dead Online has been one of the saviours of quarantine lockdown, with the team at Rockstar continuing to supply as content every week.

Here’s what we know so far about the update arriving this week.



Release Date

This week’s update will arrive on Tuesday, 5 May.

The weekly reset takes place at 1am ET / 6am BST so expect the updates to come into the game soon after.

The full extent of the update tends to appear on @RockstarGames from 10am ET / 3pm BST onwards, so keep your eyes peeled.


Expect to get extra rewards for performing certain tasks, with last week all about Bounty Hunters.

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You could receive a 50% Role XP Boost on all Bounty Missions and Legendary Bounty Missions, including Bounty Hunter Free Roam Events.

Featured Showdown Series

Two weeks ago we saw a variation of Name Your Weapon, where you could earn extra points for eliminating your enemies by using more combustible weapons in your loadout.

With the update arriving on Cinco de Mayo, we’re wondering if there will be a Mexican or Hispanic flavour to the Showdown Series this week.



As well as the task bonuses, expect a theme of clothing or items to have significant discounts this week.

red dead get up
LOADED OUT – Many of these items were on offer last time

Last time out we saw money off role weapon variants, revolvers, role camp themes, skirts, boots, accessories and collector maps.

Limited-time Clothing Items

New items of clothing could come in this week – let’s hope for some Mexican styled Cinco de Mayo items!

In the 28 April update you could grab various hats, boots, pants and jackets!

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