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Red Dead Online Weekly Update COUNTDOWN: 24 March RELEASED - date, time, content, Rank Rewards, Moonshiners & more

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Despite Rockstar's staff working remote, that hasn't stopped the team rolling out their weekly updates for Red Dead Online.

We look at everything we know about this week's update to life in the Wild West.


Release Date

The fourth weekly update for Red Dead Online dropped on Tuesday, 24 March 2020.

Moonshine bonuses

From March 24 – 30 in Red Dead Online you’ll earn a 50% Role XP Boost on all Moonshiner Sell, Bootlegger and Story Missions.

For those yet to embark on the Moonshiner Specialist Role, you’ll need to be at least Trader Rank 5 or have completed one Trader Sell Mission.

red dead online moonshiners
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GET THAT PAPER – Moonshiners receive extra bonuses this week


From there, Cripps will get you set up with veteran bootlegger Maggie Fike at Emerald Ranch.

This week only, you’ll also be able to get 10 Gold Bars off the cost of all Moonshine Shack Properties, along with 40% off all Norfolk Roadster Horses and 40% off Band Expansions.

For all the updates arriving this week in Red Dead Online head here.

March’s Weekly Updates so far

There have been three weekly updates so far this month.

17/3/2020 Weekly Updates

The biggest update to come to Red Dead Online this week is a brand new Featured Series has been introduced in Red Dead Online – Showdown Mode.

Showdown Mode

Compete in capture style modes where you start out with only a handful of Throwing Knives and a smattering of Shotgun pick-ups.

These modes include:

  • Overrun (Maps: The Manor and Sisika)
  • Spoils of War (Maps: Fort Mercer and Orchard)
  • Plunder (Maps: Saint Denis and Saint Denis Plantation)
  • Up in Smoke (Maps: Blackwater and Lanik Electrical)
gta online weekly update showdown
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STAND-OFF: It's survival of the fittest in Showdown Mode


10/3/2020 Weekly Updates

The following patch notes were released in the second weekly update of March.

Rank Rewards and Benefits

Starting this week in Red Dead Online, Rockstar is rewarding both new and veteran player with various rewards.

Reach Rank 10

Get a Reward for a free Hunting Bow and an Offer for 5 Gold Bars off the Bounty Hunter License.

Reach Rank 20

Get an Offer for 50% off a Shotgun of your choice and an Offer for 50% off a Revolver of your choice.

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Reach Rank 30

Get a Reward for a free Machete and an Offer for 50% off a Repeater of your choice.

red dead character shooting 1
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SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE – No matter how long you’ve been playing, there are offers in store

Reach Rank 40

Get an Offer for 40% off a Stable Stall and an Offer for 40% off a Horse of your choice.


Reach Rank 50

Get a Reward good for 1 free Character Appearance Change plus an Offer for 50% off any Coat below Rank 15 and an Offer for 40% off a Tent for your camp site.

Reach Rank 60

All players beyond Rank 60 get a Reward for a free Navy Revolver, an Offer for 40% off a Camp Dog of your choice, an Offer for 50% off a Stable Stall and 5 free Moonshine Mash Refills.

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Gunslingers should also take advantage of a sweeping 40% discount on all Revolver, Repeater and Rifle Ammo — stock up and you won’t get caught lacking in firepower.

Twitch Prime benefits

Red Dead Online players who connect their Twitch Prime account with the Rockstar Games Social Club will receive the Collector’s Bag, a Polished Copper Moonshine Still Upgrade and a Reward for 5 Moonshiner Role Ranks — all free of charge (visit Twitch Prime to sign up).

red dead online posse
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LEVEL UP – Members of Twitch Prime & Plus receive offers above the rest


PlayStation Plus benefits

PlayStation Plus members will receive a Reward for 3 Free Ability Cards of their choice.

3/3/2020 Weekly Updates

The following updates were released as the first patch of the month.

Earn a Treasure Map

Complete 5 Daily Challenges this week and receive a Treasure Map as a reward for your diligence and determination.

red dead weekly update challenges bonuses discounts
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LOCK AND LOAD – There are some incredible offers on this week

You can pick up your Treasure Map from the Camp Lockbox or Post Office within 48 hours of completing the Daily Challenges.


Receive a 50% Role XP Boost

Moonshiners will receive a 50% Role XP Boost on all Moonshiner Sell, Story and Bootlegger Missions, which they can access by talking to Maggie and Marcel in their Moonshine Shack.

Sign up for the Outlaw Pass

Signing up for The Outlaw Pass No. 2 by 8 March will net you 10 Ranks’ worth of Club XP right off the bat.

outlaw pass no2 read dead
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YEEHAW – Sign up to receive the best offers around


Club XP Rewards will be delivered to the Benefits section within 48 hours of upgrading to The Outlaw Pass No. 2.

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The Outlaw Pass No. 2 closes on 10 March.

Click here to sign up for the Outlaw Pass.

Take advantage of select discounts

In the Wheeler, Rawson & co. catalogue you can find:

  • 20% off the cost of Arabian horses at stables
  • 30% off all vests and bandoliers
  • 40% off the hunting bow and fishing rod

Twitch Prime benefits

Connect your Social Club account with Twitch Prime to get:

  • The Collector’s Bag
  • The Polished Copper Moonshine Still
  • Benefits award for Five Ranks of Moonshiner Role XP

Rewards will arrive in the Benefits section within 48 hours of playing.

PlayStation Plus benefits

PlayStation Plus members will receive a new benefit for playing between now and 1 June.

red dead ps
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PERKS FOR PS PLUS: Get the most out of Red Dead on PS4

Log in to Red Dead Online to get to select three Ability Cards of your choice, free of charge.

Rewards will arrive in the Benefits section within 48 hours of playing.

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