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Red Dead Online: Weekly and Daily Reset times for updates and challenges

Online gaming has revolutionized the industry. Well-known developers like Rockstar used to work on blockbuster releases over a long time focusing on in-depth story modes to get 40+ hours of gameplay.

With GTA V, and now Red Dead Redemption 2, there has been a definite shift into players moving from story mode into multiplayer gaming in online worlds with other players.

But this means the developers have to stay on top of servicing the environment for all the players, and it means they have to keep updates coming thick and fast.

It's not always easy, just ask EA, who had high profile issues with both Madden and Apex Legends servers this year.

With that in mind, it's worth knowing when these daily and weekly updates happen so that you can know when to plan your in-game scrimmages to make the most of the challenges and when to expect new content.

Here is what you need to know about the daily and weekly reset times;

Explained - Red Dead Online: Daily Reset Time


If you're a passionate player of Red Dead Online, Rockstar knows how to motivate you to play at least a little bit every day.

There are bonuses for streaks in Daily Challenges which gives you extra gold for each one you do. It's exponential, so the more you do, the more you earn.

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Remember, you need to do the daily challenges before the daily reset happens.

So, when is the reset?

10pm PST, 1am EST (US) and 6am GMT (UK)

Explained - Red Dead Online: Weekly Reset Time

As expected, the weekly reset for Red Dead is a bigger update.

This happens every Monday (PST)/Tuesday (EST, GMT) at the time listed in the daily reset above. This is released alongside a Rockstar Games blog post which details the notes of the update.

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Some kinds of updates to expect;

  • New Clothes
  • XP bonuses from events and log-ins
  • Discounts on in-game items and weapons
  • Updates on Rockstar Social Club and Twitch Prime Benefits
  • Changes based on the season in real life - eg. more snow in Winter
  • News for crossover events with GTA Online

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