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Red Dead Redemption

23 Jan 2020

Red Dead Online: Valentine's Day event in February update?

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What we want to see

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Valentine's Day Event

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Custom Equipment

When it comes to online gameplay, it's fair to say that Rockstar know what they're doing.

GTA Online has taken the gaming world by storm and Red Dead Online isn't far behind!

Now that most players have completed Red Dead Redemption II, the online game mode is only getting bigger.

But what new additions can gamers expect in the February update?

The last patch notes didn't cover anything drastic, as it brought fixes to general stability issues and an issue with missing moonshine bootles.

Therefore, we're hoping for something a little more substantial in February's update.

What we want to see

The following are a few changes we'd love to see with the new Red Dead Online February update.

Valentine's Day Event

The standout event in February is Valentine's day, so it would be great to see some additional content around the special day.

Considering there is literally a town called Valentine in the game, a new storyline based around the town would be very apt.


COINCIDENCE? Surely a February event would be based around the town of Valentine?

If Valentine's Day was to hit Valentine, we could see a complete makeover of the small village, all based around the public holiday and an event in which all the townsfolk are participating in.

(Did someone mention a Valentine's Day barn dance?)

Custom Equipment

Valentine's Day would also present a great opportunity to bring some colour to the other dim landscape of Red Dead Online.

New Valentine's Day-themed guns, outfits, hats and mounts could really inject the game with a fresh image.

Is a pink gun that fires hearts too much to ask for? How about the return of the unicorn as a mount...?