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Red Dead Online UPDATE - New Showdown Maps, Rewards, Daily Challenge Streaks & more

After a reduced Red Dead Online Weekly Update this week, it now appears Rockstar Games kept more up their sleeve.

The developers have now tweeted out some further content arriving in the online world, saving us from quarantine misery.

Featured Series new maps

Keep your wits and your blades sharp this week.

Red Dead Online is introducing four new maps to the Featured Series, each of which sees you armed with just a fistful of Throwing Knives at the round's start.

gta online weekly update showdown
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THE BIG SHOW - Showdown Mode has gone down a hit with the community


Keep an eye out for the Shotguns littering the map for a deadly edge in combat.

Take part in this week's Featured Series – or any showdown mode – to earn Double XP through April 13.

The new maps are as follows:


Pike’s Basin

The rules are simple: Capture and retain the most territories to win. It's surviving and holding on that are the hard part.


Stillwater Creek

Take control of unclaimed loot in the long grass and murky waters of Stillwater Creek, returning it to your team's home base to outscore your rivals.

stillwater creek red dead
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BE STILL - Can you return the loot in Plunder?

Other players no longer appear blipped on the mini-map in this new Showdown map.


Spoils of War

Roanoke Valley

Defend your stockpile from enemies while stealing from them at the same time. Whichever team steals the most wins.

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Other players no longer appear blipped on the mini-map in this new Showdown map.

Up in Smoke

Kamassa River

All players start out carrying a package - the goal is to deliver said package to your enemy's camp without getting killed.

kamassa river red dead
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LOCATION, LOCATION - Can you handle yourself down by the river?


Whichever team delivers the most or all of their packages by the end of the game will destroy the enemy base for good.

Other players no longer appear blipped on the mini-map in this new Showdown map.

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