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28 Jul 2020

Red Dead Online Update 1.20 RELEASED

The biggest ever content update to Red Dead Online, Update 1.20, has finally arrived!

With it comes an incredible amount of new content, with the Update 1.20 Patch Notes spanning over 6600 words!

Red Dead Online Naturalist gear
GEAR UP: Red Dead Online has all kinds of new content, including some awesome new looks

The update tackles a huge number of gameplay problems in multiplayer across combat, shops, items, vehicles and more.

But perhaps the biggest inclusion of Update 1.20 is a new specialist role, the Naturalist, which emphasizes tracking, hunting, and studying the many different animals in Red Dead Online.

You can look over the Naturalist role more in the newest trailer!

Along with the Naturalist role, there will be seven new legendary animal species coming to the game, including cougars, foxes, boars, beavers, wolves, bison, and elk - all with three different subspecies.

Red Dead Online naturalist new animal species 1
RARE FIND: There are plenty of new exciting animal species coming to Red Dead Online

The Naturalist, like the other specialist roles, will have its own hubs, missions, equipment, and awards.

Red Dead Online Gus Macmillan Naturalist 1
A COLLECTOR: Meet retired hunter and current sportsman Gus Macmillan, who Naturalists will meet to trade hides and more

Depending on whether you want to focus more on hunting or nonlethal tracking, you'll have plenty of different things to do as a Naturalist!

Red Dead Online Harriet Davenport Naturalist 1
TRACKING: Harriet Davenport will reward Naturalists for tracking animals rather than hunting them

Combine all of this with an amazing amount of new exciting content, and there's never been a better time to fire up Red Dead Online!

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