Jayson Tatum's Jordan Tatum 1: Release date, price speculation, and where to buy

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Jayson Tatum has been a shining star in the NBA ever since his debut. And, after four years of being a member of the Jordan brand, his first signature sneaker, the Jordan Tatum 1, has finally been confirmed for the Celtics’ star.

Revealed by Tatum as well as Jordan via Instagram, the Tatum 1 is set to drop in four initial colourways, these being "Zoo", "Barbershop", "Pink Lemonade", and "St. Louis", the latter paying homage to his roots in Missouri.

However, there's so much more to the Tatum 1 than a set of four designs. The sneaker is in fact the lightest performance shoe Jordan has ever made, which will no doubt put it in line to be considered one of the best basketball shoes on the market upon its arrival.

With that in mind, what else does the Jordan Tatum 1 have to offer? Well, we've rounded up everything you need to know about Jayson Tatum's first signature shoe right here. Let's get into it...

Jayson Tatum's Jordan Tatum 1 release date

According to Nike's press release, the Jordan Tatum 1 is due to launch on April 7, 2023 in full family sizing, with the kids' design featuring a collapsible heel system for easy on-off entry.

Moreover, the shoe is set to release alongside a full apparel collection, including hoodies and tees for men, women, and kids, inspired by the "Zoo" and "Barbershop" colourways.

What do these colourways look like? Well, let's take a closer look at the four Tatum 1 designs right here...

Jayson Tatum's Jordan Tatum 1 designs

As touched on, the "Zoo" colourway looks to be one of the flagship designs for the Tatum 1. It's inspired by one of Jayson's favourite places to take his son, Deuce, hence the red animal print wrapped around the heel.

The rest of the shoe is dressed in black with a white midsole unit. You'll also find a gold Jumpman logo plus "JT" branding on the tongue in reference to the Celtics' star.

Jayson Tatum's Jordan Tatum 1 "Zoo" product image of a black sneaker with a red animal print pattern around the heel.
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Credit: Nike

Next, is the "Barbershop" colourway, inspired by the confidence Tatum gains with a fresh trim. The shoe is dressed in similar colours as the "Zoo" design, with black, red, and gold all featured. However, the key difference is the more dominant silver tone dressing the majority of the upper.

Jayson Tatum's Jordan Tatum 1 "Barbershop" product image of a black and silver sneaker with gold accents.
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Credit: Nike

Providing more colour, the "Pink Lemonade" Tatum 1 deviates completely from the aforementioned designs, with the shoe featuring light blue and, of course, bright pink. The Jumpman and "JT" branding also appears to have been switched from gold to silver to better match the midsole.

Jayson Tatum's Jordan Tatum 1 "Pink Lemonade" product image of a pink, white, and light blue sneaker.
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Credit: Nike

Finally, the "St. Louis" colourway arrives in the city's colours. White dresses the bulk of the shoe, but you also get bright red branding and a blue trim around the midsole unit to round off the design.

Jayson Tatum's Jordan Tatum 1 "St. Louis" product image of a white sneaker with blue accents.
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Credit: Nike

It's also worth mentioning again that the Tatum 1 is the lightest performance shoe Jordan has made to date.

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To achieve this, the brand has stripped away excess material and has uncaged the Zoom Air units in the forefoot to keep weight to a minimum alongside the lightweight mesh knit upper.

To counteract the loss of material, Jordan has reinforced the TPU frame to provide more stability and rigidity to the stripped-back sneaker. The result looks excellent and should perform well on the court, thus making it one of the best Jordans for basketball on the market.

Jayson Tatum's Jordan Tatum 1 price speculation

While the initial release date has been confirmed, it doesn't appear as though the price tag has been officially revealed just yet. That said, there are a few clues which could give an insight into how much the Tatum 1 will cost.

For example, it's currently rumoured that the shoe will retail for $120 in adult sizing, which puts the sneaker in the same price bracket as the Jordan Zion 2. This would make the Tatum 1 slightly more expensive than the Jordan Luka 1 though, as well as another upcoming signature release in the Nika Ja 1.

Therefore, make sure you keep this in mind when trying to decide upon your next sneaker purchase, and stay tuned for more concrete information regarding the price tag once Jordan reveals more.

Where to buy Jayson Tatum's Jordan Tatum 1

The Jordan Tatum 1 is likely to first launch in the Nike store, presumably under the basketball or Jordan subsection. Keep an eye out on the SNKRS launch page as well, as the shoe may get listed ahead of time there.

Alternatively, you should also be able to find the Tatum 1 listed on StockX closer to the release date if you're looking for an alternative place to pick up a pair.

For more information, check out our list of the best places to buy sneakers and Jordans right here.

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