Best G-SHOCK collabs: Our top picks of of all time

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Casio has partnered with a number of great brands and celebrities over the years, but you may be wondering which of its G-SHOCK collaborations has been the best.

Like our list of the best Supreme and sneaker collabs, we've picked out our favourite Casio G-SHOCK partnerships over the years based on their designs and the status of the brand or celebrity G-SHOCK worked with to create each watch.


With such a wide variety of collaborative timepieces to choose from though, narrowing it down to the best G-SHOCK watches wasn't easy, resulting in a few notable alliances, like this Rubik's Cube x G-SHOCK collab, not quite making the cut.

However, we feel the list we have put together features some of the most intriguing and unique designs around. From bold rapper collabs, like this A$AP Ferg x G-SHOCK GA110FRG-7AER, to unique digital devices, like this NASA x G-SHOCK GWM5610NASA4, we've rounded up the very best right here.

So, without further delay, here's our list of the best G-SHOCK collaborations of all time...

Best G-SHOCK collabs

Best digital G-SHOCK collab - KITH x G-SHOCK GM-6900 Rainbow

Best G-SHOCK collabs KITH x G-SHOCK GM-6900 product image of a resin and stainless steel watch with an iridescent rainbow finish.
Credit: StockX
Size: 50mm | Case: Forged Metal | Strap: Resin | Water Resistance: 200M | Watch Movement: Quartz

2021 saw the debut of this stunning KITH x G-SHOCK GM-6900 digital watch collaboration featuring a unique iridescent rainbow effect around the casing.


The GM-6900 is actually the third watch in a line of KITH x G-SHOCK collaborations; however, this particular release is arguably the boldest out of the collection, which is fitting given it was released in celebration of Kith's 10-year anniversary.

Some of the key features of this timepiece are its large 50mm case that's bound to stand out on your wrist, plus it features an incredibly impressive 200M water resistance rating that rivals even some of the best swimming watches around.

Ultimately, this rainbow watch is definitely one of the most unique and intriguing collaborations we've seen, hence its inclusion on our list.

Best analog G-SHOCK collab - Royal Navy x G-SHOCK Frogman GWF-A1000RN-8A

Best G-SHOCK collabs Royal Navy x G-SHOCK Frogman GWF-A1000RN-8A product image of a grey resin and black stainless steel watch.
Credit: StockX
Size: 53mm | Case: Stainless Steel | Strap: Resin | Water Resistance: 200M | Watch Movement: Quartz

As soon as G-SHOCK teamed up with the Royal Navy in 2021, it was almost guaranteed that the watch that followed would be one of the most advanced and rugged timepieces out of all of G-SHOCK's collaborations.


Fortunately, the Frogman GWF-A1000RN-8A didn't disappoint as it debuted with a Carbon Core Guard and several advanced features, like Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to check out your dive log information from the Dive Mode setting, tide details, plus a phone finder feature in case you lose your parent device.

The watch is also able to withstand depths of 200M, which is perhaps unsurprising given its links to the Navy, plus it comes with a shock-resistant casing to help it overcome challenging conditions, especially whilst out at sea.

All in all, we feel the Royal Navy x G-SHOCK Frogman is one of the best collaborations we've seen from G-SHOCK.

Best G-SHOCK collab for hypebeasts - BAPE x Kid Cudi x G-SHOCK DW-6900

Best G-SHOCK collabs BAPE x Kid Cudi x G-SHOCK DW-6900 product image of a pink, red, and light blue digital watch.
Credit: StockX
Size: 45mm | Case: Resin | Strap: Resin | Water Resistance: 100M | Watch Movement: Quartz

If you're a fan of some of the most talked about streetwear brands like Supreme, Palace, and Stone Island, then this BAPE x Kid Cudi x G-SHOCK DW-6900 could be the watch for you as it could even be considered one of the best watches under 1500.


Interestingly, Kid Cudi worked in the New York BAPE store before he became the internationally recognised rapper he is today, so a collaboration between the two was seemingly a no-brainer for G-SHOCK.

This watch definitely features one of the boldest designs we've seen as pink dresses the bezel, whilst the strap arrives in a combination of light blue and red.

Moreover, you get a few notable features with this DW-6900 like its impressive 100M water resistance rating and a shock-resistant outer casing to give it all the tools needed to help it withstand the usual scrapes that come with everyday wear.

Best G-SHOCK collab to spark conversation - NASA x G-SHOCK GWM5610NASA4

Best G-SHOCK collabs NASA x G-SHOCK GWM5610NASA4 product image of an orange resin digital watch.
Credit: StockX
Size: 43mm | Case: Resin | Strap: Resin | Water Resistance: 200M | Watch Movement: Quartz

There are many reasons why this GWM5610NASA4 is a great timepiece for sparking conversation, but perhaps the main talking point behind this watch is the fact G-SHOCK teamed up with NASA during its creation.


The design is inspired by the iconic 'pumpkin suits' worn by astronauts during flight, while the black dial of the watch is said to represent the helmet's black visor.

Furthermore, the watch comes with a special laser-printed NASA insignia on the bottom of the band alongside the American flag, plus special metal packaging themed around the launch pad bridge that connects to the orbiter.

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In terms of features, the NASA x G-SHOCK GWM5610NASA4 is pretty advanced as well as it comes with additions like Radio Controlled timekeeping, Tough Solar technology to harness the sun's energy, world time, plus the option of setting up to five daily alarms, making it an incredibly well-rounded watch to wear to any occasion.

Best G-SHOCK collab to make a statement - A$AP Ferg x G-SHOCK GA110FRG-7AER

Best G-SHOCK collabs A$AP Ferg x G-SHOCK GA110FRG-7AER product image of a transparent resin watch with red, yellow, and blue dials.
Credit: StockX
Size: 49mm | Case: Resin | Strap: Resin | Water Resistance: 200M | Watch Movement: Solar

If you're looking to make a statement though, then this A$AP Ferg x G-SHOCK GA110FRG-7AER could be the watch for you.

Firstly, the special edition design incorporates the creative input of A$AP Ferg, known for being a part of the New York-based hip hop collective A$AP Mob alongside A$AP Rocky. As a result, the watch comes with a unique semi-transparent body and band contrasted by the primary-coloured accents on the watch face.

Upon closer inspection, you'll notice the face features both analog and digital displays, thus helping to make this watch really stand out from the crowd by offering the best of both worlds.

The display also features orange LED backlighting, plus the watch features a 200M water resistance rating and the option of setting five daily alarms, making this bold device one of the most advanced G-SHOCK collaborations we've seen that's bound to make a statement whilst on your wrist.

Frequently asked questions about G-SHOCK collabs

A ton of questions usually pop up when searching for the best G-SHOCK collabs around. Don't worry though because we've answered some of the most commonly asked queries right here.


When does G-SHOCK release new collabs?

There isn't really a specific time or date when G-SHOCK releases new watches, including its latest collaborations; however, here at RealKit, we aim to cover all the latest launches ahead of time so you can stay informed with all the upcoming releases.

That said, the G-SHOCK website has a handy 'Coming Soon' section to help you stay in the loop with everything the brand has in store on the horizon. Therefore, we'd recommend keeping your eye on this page for any upcoming collaborations.

How much should you spend on a G-SHOCK collab?

Again, there's no real definitive answer to this question as it will vary depending on the model of the watch as well as how high-profile the collaboration is.

Some of the G-SHOCK collaborations featured in this list have retailed for around $100 all the way up to and beyond $1000, so there's a huge variety in how much G-SHOCK collabs can cost as well.

Ultimately, we'd advise only spending what you can afford on a G-SHOCK watch, providing you're in love with the timepiece in question and you can see you're wearing it often.


How often should you get a G-SHOCK watch serviced?

G-SHOCK doesn't indicate how often its watches need servicing; however, Bucherer suggests that a mechanical or electronic watch may require a professional service every four to six years on average.

That being said, if a watch is worn infrequently, you may not need to get it serviced as often as you would if you wore your watch every day. There's also not really a set rule saying you have to service your watch within that time frame.

If you begin to notice that the oil and grease around parts of the mechanism are running dry though, then it might be time to start looking into getting your watch serviced.

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