Best Foam Roller 2021: Our Top Picks For Warm Ups And Recovery

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The best foam roller can take your gym recovery to new heights by relieving muscle tension, inflammation, and soreness from the comfort of your own home; however, it can be challenging figuring out which type to go with.

Fortunately, that's where we come in with our list, based on features, price, and reviews, of some of the top foam rollers on the market which, we think, stand out from the competition.

Whether you're looking for something to ease back pain, like this Acumobility Back Roller, or you're searching for something slightly cheaper, like this Gaiam Restore Compact Roller, we've got you covered right here.

Best Foam Roller


Best All-Round Foam Roller - TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

Best foam roller TriggerPoint product image of a black roller with a green interior.
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Brand: TriggerPoint | Material: Foam | Dimensions: 3.94" x 5.12" x 5.12"


The TriggerPoint GRID foam roller goes down the traditional route with its design, featuring the three patterns on the surface to mimic the feeling of a real-life massage.

It's made from EVA foam which, TriggerPoint boasts, won't break down or lose shape from repeated use which is ideal if you workout most days of the week.

In terms of size, the roller itself is 13cm long, so should be long enough to cover larger areas of your body like your back or thighs.

On the whole, we feel this TriggerPoint GRID foam roller is a great option to consider if you're looking for a traditional bit of kit to aid your recovery.

Best Foam Roller For Your Back - Acumobility Back Roller

Best foam roller Acumobility product image of a thin, black roller with a yellow interior.
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Brand: Acumobility | Material: EVA Foam | Dimensions: 11.3" x 7.48" x 11.3"


The Acumobility Back Roller has been designed to tackle even the most stubborn aches and pains, specifically in your back, thanks to four rows of large bumps to relieve tension in your muscles.

It's made from a tough EVA molded foam which, Acumobility state, can hold 1000lbs without breaking.

Moreover, it is intentionally firm to alleviate soreness, but also has a bit of give to avoid being too hard and unenjoyable.

Ultimately, we feel the Acumobility Back Roller is well worth considering if you're after something to tackle stubborn aches in your muscles.

Best Smart Foam Roller - Hyperice Vyper 2.0

Best foam roller Hyperice product image of a smart black foam roller.
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Brand: Hyperice | Material: Neoprene | Dimensions: 11.3" x 6.8" x 8.7"


The Hyperice Vyper 2.0 takes the foam roller one step further by incorporating three vibration settings, each designed to enhance and improve your warmup and recovery.

In terms of size, the Hyperice Vyper 2.0 should be small enough to fit in your best gym back so you can use it anywhere and on the go thanks to its cordless design.

It is made from EPP foam and comes with a dual-zone exterior, combining both smooth and grooved surfaces to deliver the perfect recovery massage.

All in all, if you're after a slightly more advanced bit of kit, and don't mind spending a little extra, then this Hyperice Vyper 2.0 could be for you.

Best Foam Roller On A Budget - Gaiam Restore Compact Roller

Best foam roller Gaiam product image of a dense, grey roller.
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Brand: Gaiam | Material: Unspecified | Dimensions: Unspecified


From premium foam rollers to a slightly cheaper option, the Gaiam Restore Compact Roller looks to be well worth considering for recovery as, Gaiam boasts, it works to gently restore your muscles and ease pain and discomfort, whilst also improving circulation.

The outside features a light texture, designed to stimulate blood flow and provide an effective massage, without being too harsh on your body.

It's also worth noting that this bit of kit is small and compact, so could come in handy for travelling or taking with you to the gym.

Ultimately, the Gaiam Restore Compact Roller is a solid, slightly cheaper contender to aid your workouts and recovery.

Best High-Density Foam Roller - Rolling With It EVA Foam Roller

Best foam roller Rolling With It product image a solid blue roller.
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Rolling With It

Brand: Rolling With It | Material: EVA Foam | Dimensions: 17.5" x 5.91" x 5.91"


A high-density foam roller is designed to provide firm support to relieve tension across your entire body.

This Rolling With It Foam Roller, in particular, is made from recycled EVA but is said to keep its shape even after repeated use.

In terms of size, it is just under 18" long, so should be big enough to massage all areas of your body including your back, legs, and hips.

On the whole, if you're searching for a high-density bit of kit, then this Rolling With It Foam Roller could be for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Foam Rollers

People tend to have loads of questions about foam rollers, especially as there are so many different variations, but we're here to clear up a few common queries to help you make your purchase.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Foam Rollers?


The key differences between foam rollers relate to their size, firmness and surface pattern.

Firstly, you can get long rollers which are good for working on large muscles and your back, and smaller or handheld rollers to target smaller muscles.

In terms of firmness, it may be worth checking the colour as white typically indicates a softer roller, black suggests the firmest, and red or pink rollers tend to fall somewhere in between.

The surface pattern can also vary to mimic different parts of a real-life masseuse's hands. Large bumps on the surface aim to replicate fingertips, while tubular sections mimic the fingers, and flat parts emulate palms.

How Much Should You Spend On A Foam Roller?

This will ultimately come down to you and your budget.

If you work out regularly and need a highly durable bit of kit to relieve muscle tension most days, then it may be worth investing slightly more to pick up a premium bit of kit.

If you'll end up using a foam roller less frequently, then it will probably be better to consider slightly cheaper options.


Ultimately though, a foam roller is an effective way to save money on massages by offering an at-home alternative that can be used every day.

How Do You Use A Foam Roller?

The key to using a foam roller is to make sure you're applying pressure on your muscles and not the joints and bones in your hips for example.

Once you've mastered that, then you can use one to massage most of the muscles in your body.

For example, to target your calves, simply sit on the floor with your legs extended, with one leg resting on the roller. Use your hands to press off the floor, then roll from your ankle to below your knee to massage your calf muscle.

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