Best BMX 2022: Top motocross bikes for stunts and tricks

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There's a lot to factor into finding the best BMX, especially with so many different types available to suit different cycling styles.

For instance, freestyle bikes are a little different from regular BMXs and some of the best road bikes as they're designed more for flatland tricks, aggressive street riding, and getting air at the skatepark.


Fortunately, we've put together a list of our top picks from all types of BMXs, including freestyle, flatland, street, park, trial, and vert, based on their features, price, and reviews to help you pick out your next bike.

In terms of features, we'd recommend something lightweight and with small wheels so you can easily control and perform tricks with the frame whilst in the air.

A Chromoly frame is also preferable as it helps reduce weight, making the BMX easier to control as a result. That said, you can also find some great lightweight steel frames as well depending on your preference.

So, with these features in mind, if you're after something for freestyle sessions, like this Micargi Cape, or perhaps something a little cheaper, like this Elite Stealth BMX, then we've got you covered right here.

We've also answered a few of the most commonly asked questions surrounding BMXs to help you figure out what style of bike is right for you. With that in mind, here's our list of the best BMX bikes available now...

Best BMX


Best all-round BMX - Mongoose Legion L100

Best BMX bike Mongoose product image of a blue framed bike.
Credit: Mongoose
Brand: Mongoose | Wheel Size: 20" | Suspension: Rigid | Frame: Chromoly

In our opinion, the Mongoose Legion L100 looks to be one of the most well-rounded BMX bikes for park, street, and off-road rides thanks to its 20” x 2.4” wheels mounted on wide aluminum double-wall rims.

Frame-wise, you're getting 4130 Chromoly construction, like some of the best mountain bikes, meaning this BMX should be both lightweight and extremely durable to help it withstand the test of time.


Also, you get aluminum U-brakes and brake levers which are designed to provide precise speed control, but the brake hardware can be removed if you wish to go brakeless.

All in all, we feel this Mongoose bike is well worth considering if you're after a well-rounded BMX to tackle all kinds of terrain.

Best BMX for beginners - Elite Stealth BMX

Best BMX bike Elite Bicycles product image of an all-black bike.
Credit: Elite Bicycles
Brand: Elite Bicycles | Wheel Size: 20" | Suspension: Unspecified | Frame: Steel

If you're just starting out in extreme sports, then you may not necessarily want to break the bank on your first BMX.

Thankfully, this Elite Stealth bike provides a great yet relatively inexpensive option for you to consider that should be the ideal starting point as a beginner.

The wide 2.4” wheels will likely perform well on dirt or pavement which is handy if you're unsure as to which surface you'll predominately ride on, and pegs are included to help get you started with entry-level tricks.

Elite Bicycles also boasts its BMX is easy to assemble, thus making it a great pick if you're looking to start your cycling journey right away.

Best freestyle BMX - Micargi Cape BMX

Best BMX bike Micargi product image of an all-black bike.
Credit: Micargi
Brand: Micargi | Wheel Size: 20" | Suspension: Unspecified | Frame: Unspecified

We feel there's a lot to like about this Micargi Cape for freestyle rides, particularly its lightweight frame which should be easy to kick out and move to perform tricks.


Moreover, it comes with a single-speed 9T free-wheel which, Micargi boasts, is ideal for sidewalks and rolls.

On top of that, you get a 25T crankset, a fully adjustable seat, and high-rise BMX bars for optimal control over the bike in the air.

On the whole, if you're looking to perform stunts and tricks with your BMX, then this Micargi Cape could be worth purchasing.

Best budget BMX - Venom 2021

Best BMX bike Venom product image of a black-framed bike with white wall wheels and frame accents.
Credit: Venom
Brand: Venom | Wheel Size: 20" | Suspension: Rigid | Frame: Steel

Like the Stealth, this Venom 2021 BMX could be a great pick for beginners just starting out, or anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive bike.

What we like about this BMX, in particular, is its high-tensile steel frame with top and bottom gussets which have been engineered to add strength to increase this bike's longevity.

Furthermore, you get a top-loaded stem which should give a little extra rise to the bars which, in turn, can increase your control over the BMX.

Ultimately, if you're looking for a budget option to consider, then this Venom 2021 BMX could be your answer.

Best premium BMX - Flybikes Omega

Best BMX bike Flybikes product image of a light green-framed bike with black details.
Credit: Flybikes
Brand: Flybikes | Wheel Size: 20" | Suspension: Unspecified | Frame: Chromoly

From a budget to a slightly more premium pick, this Omega is Flybikes top-of-the-range street machine that comes with 4-bars to maximise your freestyling potential.


You also get a 75.5° head-tube angle which should help with your lift and distance off jumps and control in the air.

In terms of comfort, the Omega comes with a Savanna seat and sits on top of Fuego tyres which are designed to tackle all types of terrain with ease.

Overall, this BMX looks to be a great pick for experienced riders looking for a high-end bike to take their skills to the next level.

Frequently asked questions about BMX bikes

With an abundance of variations on the market, you probably have a few questions surrounding BMX bikes, but don't worry because we're here to clear up some of the more common queries.

Can adults ride 20" BMX bikes?

The short answer is yes, however, it is recommended that safety equipment is worn when riding a bike of this size as the smaller frame and wheels typically make them harder to control and coordinate.

Generally speaking, the reason why BMX bikes are smaller is that they are easier to control in the air as there is less bike to get in the way of you completing your tricks successfully.

What is the difference between a BMX and a mountain bike?

Mountain bikes aree predominately made for tough trails and off-roading, so usually come with much bigger wheels and plenty of gears to tackle uneven terrain.

Conversely, BMX bikes normally come with 20" tyres and a single gear matched by sprocket size to give the machine drive.

BMX bikes also have very firm or no suspension at all as you typically want to maximise your power output and speed across the surface to give you the best takeoffs possible.

What should you look for from a BMX?

One of the key things to get right with a BMX bike is the sizing as you don't want a bike that's too small that it becomes too difficult to ride.


As mentioned previously, a 20" BMX should be suitable for adults which is why it is the most common size available.

We'd recommend also looking at what the frame is made out of.

Generally speaking, they are either made from Chromoly, which is probably the lightest and most agile material, or aluminum or steel which tends to be slightly heavier.

Also, it's worth paying attention to the size of the sprocket as anything larger than 30T will mean there's a good chance the bike will be too heavy and difficult to pull off tricks with.

How much should you spend on a BMX?

There's not one true answer to this question as it all depends on your budget and how seriously you're looking to invest in cycling.

That said, if you're truly passionate about BMX bikes, then it's probably worth investing a little extra into something that's 100% Chromoly as it should last that bit longer.

This is key if you plan to ride regularly as you'll want to make sure you have something reliable that you know will stick landings and keep you comfortable whilst performing tricks.

However, there are also a ton of great budget options to consider if you're just getting started and aren't completely sure if BMX biking is for you. Overall, we'd say there's a bike out there for all budgets.

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