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Rainbow Six Siege Y6S4 HUD Rework: Patch Notes, Update Time, & More

Rainbow Six Siege's next major update is on the way and Operation High Calibre is about to start. One thing that's going to instantly make an impact on Siege is the HUD rework coming in the Y6S4 update. Here's everything you need to know about what's changing and when these changes are going to be reflected in-game.

UPDATE - UI tweaks and what we're getting

A lot of the changes below are still coming to Rainbow Six Siege in the Y6S4 update this week, however, there's going to be a few tweaks following the evaluation of the changes on the Siege Test Servers.

At the moment, all we know is that the Compass is going to be smaller and Action Reminders are going to be more dynamic in their appearance. There's also going to be an update later in the season which will allow players to toggle things like the Enemy Operator Portrait and scale other HUD options dynamically.

You can check out all these changes in the Twitter thread that starts below:

RELEASE DATE - When do the changes come into play?

Rainbow Six Siege's Y6S4 update has been available on the Test Servers for a little while now, but the Operation High Calibre update itself is coming out a lot sooner than you think.

The HUD rework and all the content coming to Operation High Calibre will be available in-game from November 30th. We don't have anything specific to talk about just yet, but the update will be staggered and every platform will have at least one hour of downtime.

The HUD overhaul isn't the only change coming - Finka is getting a minor buff and there's going to be a few changes to how Camera gadgets and Drone gadgets work. This could be the best season in a while when you throw the Outback map changes into the mix.

HUD CHANGES - Everything we know so far

Although the Operation High Calibre Reveal stream was a general overview, it did highlight a few key changes coming to the Siege HUD in the Y6S4 update.

Firstly, Team Colours are changing. Red and Blue will now be the default Team Colours and teams will be referred to as "Your Team" and "Opponents" going forwards.

In addition to this, there's going to be a general overhaul of the visual style - to match the artistic direction Siege is now taking. This also means that there's going to be a new set of in-game icons to represent all the unique "action reminders" in-game.

Furthermore, there are changes to the way in-game Ping Markers are displayed. They should be visible more clearly on the Compass, use updated iconography to better detail what is being pinged, and they should also show up in the bottom right of the HUD. This reminder will share the room and floor the ping is in.

You can get a better look at all of this in the footage below:

At the moment, this is what the Y6S4 Patch Notes have said about all the above:

  • Visuals for the HUD have been updated to be more in line with the game's art direction.
  • Compass now displays pings and other marker locations, as well as feedback for height differences.
  • Loadout (weapons, gadgets and unique abilities) was regrouped together to follow more consistent display rules.
  • Text action reminders (ex: Press [SPACE] to Vault) have been replaced with icons to take up less space.

Operation High Calibre is expected to launch in late November / early December - keep an eye out for more detail in the coming weeks.

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