Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 New Operator Revealed

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Rainbow Six Siege has been going for some time and, now that Rainbow Six Extraction has launched, it's developing an even clearer vision for the game. Here's everything you should know about the next season of the game and the brand new operator.

New Rainbow Six Siege Operator - Azami

Starting off the Demon Veil panel, we saw a brand new defender named Azami. She is seen balancing a knife on her finger, only for the room she is in to be breached. Quickly, multiple knives appear and she throws one at the enemy.


She is capable of throwing down a bulletproof cover and can fix damaged walls and doorways. There seems to be a depth of complexity to the way that she fits into a team and you will really need to use your teammates to fully get the best out of her abilities.

She seems to be good at locking down positions but a few explosives can deal with her abilities. Fitting into the Rock-Paper-Scissors setup of Rainbow Six Siege, you will need to pick her when she is at her best.

According to Ubisoft:

"Azami will be available at season launch through the premium track of the Demon Veil Battle Pass, and will be available for unlock two weeks after launch with Renown or R6 Credits."

What else was introduced?

As well as this, Demon Veil will see the introduction of a new Team Deathmatch playlist. Games will end after a team reaches 75 eliminations or after five minutes. This is a much more straightforward way to play Rainbow Six Siege. If you're looking to blast stuff with a little less strategy, this is a great choice.


Alongside this, we saw the announcement of a new map set in Ireland called Emerald Plains. This will challenge you with using your environment to your advantage over multiple levels.