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Siege Y6S4: Outback Map Changes, Patch Notes, & Update Release Time

Outback is the next Rainbow Six Siege map to get a visual overhaul and an updated layout - it's going to change the way the map plays. If you're wondering when this Outback rework is going to be available, we have everything you need to know about the release of the Y6S4 update and the start of Operation High Calibre below.

RELEASE TIME - When does the update come out?

Ubisoft has finally confirmed the specifics of the Y6S4 update and Operation High Calibre is set to start after an hour of Server Downtime at the following times:

  • PC (Steam, Uplay, Luna, Stadia)
    • 06:00 PST / 09:00 EST / 14:00 GMT
  • Xbox (One, Series X|S)
    • 07:00 PST / 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT
  • PlayStation (4, 5)
    • 08:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT

You'll be pleased to know that the planned Outback rework isn't going to require a lot of storage space - the update itself should be around this big on each platform:

  • Steam - 4.8GB
  • Uplay - 5.4GB
  • Xbox One - 4.1GB
  • Xbox Series X|S - 4.3GB
  • PlayStation 4 - 4.4GB
  • PlayStation 5 - 4.1GB

START DATE - When does High Calibre start?

The Outback map changes detailed below will be available in Rainbow Six Siege on Day One of Operation High Calibre. Ubisoft has finally confirmed that Y6S4 is due to start on November 30th - you can check out the announcement below:

We don't know the specific time of the update just yet, but this is often staggered across the platforms. Server Downtime is never more than around an hour, either. We will keep you updated with the latest when the information is released.

OUTBACK REWORK - What's changing this time?

Although we don't know all the specifics, Ubisoft's Siege development team has shared a few important details about the upcoming Outback map rework. Here's what they've shared so far:

  • Cleaned up the outside of the map - De-cluttering it, improving movement flow;
  • Changes to Garage - 1F Convenience Store, 1F Compressor Room, 1F Gear Store, and 1F Beer Fridge have been combined to make 1F Bike Repair and 1F Mechanic Shop with new cover, a smaller area inside, and changes in the window positions
  • Pyramid Office changes - Added exterior breakable wall and new 2F Office Supply changes;
  • 1F Restaurant changes - Split the rooms into two between Shark, 1F Restaurant and 1F Shark, makes navigation easier;
  • 2F Open Terrace changes - Now Interior Terrace, connects 2F Mezzanine and 2F Piano Room;
Rainbow Six Siege Y6S4 Map Changes Outback Rework
click to enlarge
NEW LOOK - The whole map has been refreshed graphically, too
  • Motel Room changes - Fewer props in areas, closet location changes, bathrooms are cleaner too;
  • 2F Dorms / 2F Laundry Site changes - Now 2F Laundry / 2F Piano Room Site, easier to defend and navigate;
  • Removed Windows - Allows for anchoring on Bomb Sites, more comfort from exterior threats;

As you can see in the video below - which covers all the main points of the Operation High Calibre Y6S4 update - there's still a lot left to learn.

We should see some Patch Notes drop when Y6S4 comes out - which will detail the map changes in full - but expect Ubisoft to divulge further between now and then. Last season, there was a full map walkthrough and Blog Post about the map rework - we don't think this season will be any different.

The Rainbow Six Siege Y6S4 - Operation High Calibre - Test Server is going live later today (November 9th). So... You might be able to check out the new map on that!

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