When does Siege's Operation Crimson Heist start?

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Operation Crimson Heist is almost here! When will Rainbow Six Siege's Y6S1 start, though?

Following the Six Inivationals and the in-game narrative clash between Ash and Kali, the Rainbow Six Operators are split once more as they take sides on the growing divide in the roster.

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However, newcomer Flores might be able to shake things up a bit when he joins the fray! Here's everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1 and when it'll start.


LATEST - Operator Changes

Alongside the introduction of Flores, a brand new Operator, there will be a few tweaks to the existing Operators to keep the gameplay fresh.

Firstly, Nokk is getting a bit of a buff that should make him a viable pick for anyone wanting to keep tabs on the enemy team going forward.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1 Crimson Heist Nokk When Start
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NOKK-ING ON HEAVENS DOOR - Is Nokk going to be a viable pick going forward?

Similarly, some Oryx's Remah Dash and Twitch's Shock Drone have both been altered slightly. Oryx can no-longer damage enemies through reinforced walls and Twitch's Shock Drone will work through debris now.


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They're minor changes but could be important to those who main these Operators.

Kali's also getting a DBNO buff so watch your angles for her shots even more!

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1 kicks off with Crimson Heist on March 16th, 2021, for Battle Pass Owners and March 30th, 2021, for everyone else.

Y6S1 Start Time

Although we don't know the exact time Operation Crimson Heist will start, we do know the estimated day the update will go live.

If there aren't any unplanned delays, Operation Crimson Heist will begin on March 18th, 2021 and Year Six of Rainbow Six Siege will be underway.

If we look at the Tweet below, we should get a better look at Flores in action just prior to this:


There are two new features that are already live on the Test Servers now, though, ahead of launch.

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The Match Replay Beta and Streamer Mode options are both available to try out on Rainbow Six's testing servers right now.


What's Coming In Y6S1

Much like the most-recent previous Rainbow Six Siege seasons, Y6S1 features a familiar set of additional content and changes for players to discover.

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Firstly, we have another existing map getting a rework. Rather than add new locations, Ubisoft has decided to improve their existing list of locations over the last year and the next map up for a change is Border.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist Start Border Map
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BORDER - What changes do you think they should have made to Border?

In addition to this, Flores is joining the Rainbow Six roster as an Attacker. With Explosive Drones, Flores will undoubtedly shake up the meta and could very well become a popular choice amongst Attacking Teams.


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The Gonne-6 is also being added as a new Secondary Weapon option for select Operators in Operation Crimson Heist.

This is being described as a miniature version of Zofia's impact grenade launcher and should help to add an explosive edge to the Operator's who get it.

Other than this, the usual amount of Quality of Life updates and Bug Fixes are on the way. That... And there are some interesting Operator Balances on the way.

You can read more about them in the Pre-Season Designer's Notes here.