Rainbow Six: Siege Y5S3.3 patch – Ace and Melusi nerf, Glaz returns, Shield Operator changes & more

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The latest update to Rainbow Six: Siege sees a number of potentially meta changing nerfs for certain operators.

Ace and Melusi are both receiving a nerf, the two Operation Steel Wave operators having proven their just quite how useful they can be.

Those who opt for shield operators will also want to pay attention as their beloved mechanics are seeing some big changes.

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Let’s jump into the patch notes now, as the update release for Xbox users this week!

Ace and Melusi Nerf

Ace’s attack has proven almost as much of a nuisance as Melusi’s defence so far in Season 3.

rainbow six siege ace and melusi min1
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ANNOYING NO MORE: Both Ace and Melusi are getting a nerf

To counter this, Ubisoft are taking one SELMA charge away from Ace, aiding in defence against his powerful hard breach.

As a change for Melusi, her new primary weapon will be the MP5, an obvious second-place to the all-powerful T-5.


Glaz, Oryx, and Frost buffs

For Oryx, the T-5 is a nice upgrade, as he receives the weapon that Melusi has lost.

Frost is also receiving a new weapon, as the ITA12S shotgun is added to her secondary weapon arsenal.

rainbow six siege void edge oryx hero art
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TIME FOR A NEW GUN: Oryx will receive the T-5 in the latest update

Whilst we won’t see the Glaz we know and love make a complete return, he is having his vision recovery and movement penalisation while scoping decreased.


Shield operator changes – Montagne, Clash, Blitz and Fuze

Shields now have a sliding scale for damage of 50-100, triggering different animations along said scale.

Additionally, allies (and enemies) are now protected from explosions in front of shield operators, providing greater protection and more scope for plays using shield operators.

rainbow 6 oryx iana
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TIME FOR AN UPDATE: The latest update could change the meta for the game!

The guard itself will now be easier to break, allowing opponents to trigger a guard-break animation much earlier in combat.

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