Rainbow Six Siege: Void Edge NEW Operator Profiles, Abilities, Gameplay Gadgets & more

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With the next Year of Rainbow Six: Siege release in the next couple of weeks. We cover the new operators releasing alongside the new season ‘Void Edge’.

Oryx and Iana are the two new operators. With their own abilities, weapons and gadgets, we cover all the new features they bring to the table, alongside how they will change the game.

Table of Contents

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Oryx - Defender

Oryx is the upcoming defender for the Void Edge Season. With his 2-armour, 2-speed setup, he is primarily a roaming operator, with a unique soft-breaching ability.

r6 operator oryx
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ORYX - Meet the next Defender coming with Void Edge!

Oryx’s primary weapons include the Spas-12 shotgun and the much more versatile MP5 submachine gun.

Due to the option of the Bailiff 410 secondary shotgun/handgun hybrid, I recommend you take the MP5 for its range and flexibility.

Oryx weapons r6
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VERSATILITY VS. DPS - Choose your prefered loadout, and customise your playstyle!


Due to one of Oryx’s ability to jump up hatches, you’ll want to take at least one of the shotguns for the ability to open these rotations.

Oryx can take either the barbed wire or the bulletproof camera.

As you’ll be roaming, information near the objective is crucial.
A bulletproof camera is a great way of obtaining the necessary information to
execute the perfect flank.

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Oryx bring 2 unique abilities to the defensive side of the Rainbow 6 squad.


Oryx brings two unique abilities to the defensive side of the Rainbow 6 squad. His primary ability is his ‘Remah Dash’. This allows him to charge through soft, non-reinforced walls.

oryx ability r6
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REMAH DASH - Get an advantage by pouncing on your enemies with Oryx's brute strength!


This will make it easy to pounce on unsuspecting enemies. This
ability doesn’t just run-down walls, but it finally gives us a counter to shield
operators with the ability to knock over anyone.

This dash also makes Oryx the fastest moving operator in the
game, however, don’t think you can make a quick flank using this as it is
incredibly loud.

The other ability Oryx has is his hatch jump. Like the attacker Amaru, Oryx can not only jump down hatches but also climb up!

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This makes Oryx incredibly dangerous as he doesn’t have to
use the standard flanking routes. He directly counters operators such as
Gridlock and Nomad, who’s abilities focus on locking off the current flanks.

From playing on the TTS it seems Oryx’s secondary ability
will change the game more than his primary, due to the flanking possibilities.

Iana - Attacker

Iana is the attacker for the new season. Again a 2 speed, 2 armour operator she is a master of deception. With a focus on information gathering, it seems like Iana will have a massive effect on the Rainbow 6 Scene.

r6 operator iana
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IANA - Become the master of deception with Iana's Gemini Replicator!

Iana’s weapons include the ARX200 and the G36C assault rifles. With changes to the recoil on the ARX200, the weapon feels much more viable, when compared to Nomad’s ARX.

If you prefer a slightly simpler option, the G36C has manageable recoil with a 30-round magazine.

ianas loadout weapons
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SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE - Iana's loadout is nothing fancy but it definitely gets the job done!

Her secondary is the MK1 handgun that she shares with Buck and Frost of the Black Ice DLC. Paired with a suppressor, it can be a great way of taking out the enemies’ gadgets quietly.


Iana also comes with the option of Frag and Smoke grenades. Frag grenades are considered the best gadget for an attacker to have.

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This is due to their ability to destroy gadgets and dealing large amounts of damage.

However, with the addition of Wamai last season, we now have 2 defensive operators who can eliminate throwable gadgets possibly making them less viable.

Iana gadget ability
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GEMINI REPLICATOR - Create an exact look-alike hologram to deceive the defenders!


Iana’s ability is her Gemini Replicator, this allows her to send out an exact cloak of herself. However, this hologram is unable to interact with the environment and can be destroyed in one shot.

This makes the hologram more of an information-gathering tool, rather than an aggressive gadget.

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From playing the Technical Test Server, it is clear than
Iana will play an important role in the attacking line-up for the Void Edge

With a clear change to the way the attackers will need to
gain intel, operators like mute and bandit will be crucial to keep Iana away from
the objective.

Void Edge

There are many other changes coming to the next season.

With buffs and nerfs alongside map and character reworks, Rainbow 6 will once again feel fun and fresh to play. To read more click here.

r6 void edge operation art
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VOID EDGE - Play the new season of Rainbow 6 onthe Technical Test Server!

Siege hit it’s all-time player count on Steam a few days ago with hype building for the new season alongside its largest ever sale, we are excited to see how Ubisoft responds to this new growth.