Rainbow Six Siege: This Week in Siege! Pro League Sets, Golden gun Game Mode, Headgear, Uniform, Meta Changes & more

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After the release of Void Edge, seen has seen a massive rise in player count and positive community feedback.

Year 5 of Siege is the start of a new era for Siege, with more changes coming to balances, operators and maps.

This week, we’ve seen the start of the discovery series. The
Golden Gun game mode is here and it is a lot of fun!

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We’ve also seen new cosmetics and outfits release for
specific operators, as well as meta changes due to the new operators.

Pro League Sets

This week we’ve received Pro League sets for last seasons operators, these being Kali and Wamai.

rainbow six siege void edge pro league sets
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PRO LEAGUE SETS - Pick up the Pro League sets individually, or savemoney by buying them as a bundle.


Kali receives a camo for her CSRX 300 Sniper, and Wamai receives a camo for his MP5K SMG. As well as this, they both receive headgear and uniforms in the Pro League style.

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As well as these two, both Thermite and Fuze receive their own sets. These are long-awaited as both are base game operators.

New Game Mode

This week we've seen the arrival of the Golden Gun game mode!

This favours players with great aim who are used to the Deagle, a weapon available to Valkyrie, Blackbeard and Nokk.

r6 golden gun
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Its fast-paced style keeps the game feeling fun and fresh with a spin on the standard game mode. This is something Siege has been missing for many years now and will give players a break from the serious game mode.


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With no prep phase for the defenders, be ready for the
attackers to jump into the objective very quickly, especially Amaru with her
Garra hook if your objective is upstairs.

Meta Changes

This season I've placed Platinum II. At this level, players are starting to integrate Iana into their team’s roster.

rainbow 6 oryx iana
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ORYX AND IANA - These are the two new operators that arrived with Operation Void Edge!


Iana pairs well with entry fraggers as a helpful distraction to snatch an early kill. This means Iana is used as a support and typically will be alive later in the round.

However, Oryx hasn’t been particularly present in ranked matches. His ability seems like it would feature very well in higher-level play, but his loud jump makes it very noticeable when he tries to make a flank.

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How have you found the new operators? How do you think
they’ll change the meta moving forward?